On a rainy day in October, our creative team journeyed to Sarah Sherman Samuel's Michigan home and found ourselves in a fall wonderland. The dark exterior of the house popped against a background of fall leaves and quite literally took our breath away. But what did we expect? With Sarah's signature aesthetic and eye for design, surely her home was going to be incredible. Whether it be the spiral staircase leading to a cozy library or the paintings and sculptures created by Sarah herself, every detail in the house is met with Sarah's unparalleled creativity and vision. Read on to get inspired and shop Sarah's home.

Interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel leans against a curved white and light wood staircase in her Michigan home. An archway is to her side and a gold sofa is in front of her. A modern living room has a gold velvet sofa with ivory padded armchairs on either side. A light wood round coffee table sits in the middle on a neutral Arches area rug.
"The house really tells my story as a designer, it feels the most ‘me’ of any of the places I’ve ever lived in or renovated" 
- Sarah Sherman Samuel

A small Moroccan Flatweave rug in ochre by Sarah Sherman Samuel sits in front of a built-in bathroom vanity with baskets instead of drawers and mounted gold faucets. A small Moroccan Flatweave rug in ochre by Sarah Sherman Samuel lays in front of a freestanding oval bathtub in front of a large window. A curved wooden slatted bench is to the side and the tub is surrounded by large houseplants.

The ivory fuzzy shearline Kora accent chair with wood legs and arms sits across from a modern metal armchair with light pink velvet upholstery. A low round black coffee table sits in the middle and a white stone fireplace sits in the back. A black Regina Andrews Fishbone floor lamp stands next to a woven rattan open ottoman with a book on top. The lamp and ottoman are in front of a built-in white arched bookcase.
"My style is relaxed but edited, modern but warm and my rug and pillow collection reflects that".
A modern dining room space has a whitewashed wooden oval table surrounded by light wood and leather dining chairs on a neutral Moroccan Flatweave rug by Sarah Sherman Samuel. A black metal bird sculpture stands in the corner across from a large potted fern. Interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel stands in her kitchen with white cabinets with round knobs. Her Iconic Stripe runner rug lays in the middle of the floor.