There is something so universal about holding dear to your little one's childhood. For illustrator and Rylee and Cru founder Kelli Murray, this feeling has been top of mind during the redesign of her three-year-old Quincy's bedroom, from nursery to toddler room. She transformed the crib into a toddler's bed, incorporated her Lulu and Georgia exclusive Dainty Leaves Wallpaper, and complemented the look with light wood finishes and luxe, textural accents. It is a gorgeous, whimsical, and light-filled space that will grow with her daughter. With Mother's Day fast approaching, we loved the idea of sitting down with Kelli. We chatted about how time spent with her family is her creative spark, how taking your time is incredibly important when redecorating, and all of the wonderfully mixed emotions—pride, joy, a bit of sadness—of seeing your child grow up.

Dainty floral wallpaper is the background to a child playing with a dollhouse.

Your daughter's bedroom looks beautiful. What was your inspiration when designing the space?

I just wanted it to feel light, airy, and whimsical. The goal was to create a space that Quincy would love now as a three-year-old, but that she can also grow up with.

Personal touches make a room—can you tell us about your favorite personal pieces in your daughter's bedroom?

I love her tiny bed from Kalon. It was her crib as a baby that we converted to a toddler bed, and I just hope she never grows out of it! I also really love her bunny wall mount and dolls from the French brand, Boramiri.

We have always loved the whimsical nature of your Rylee and Cru designs. How did you incorporate that into your daughter’s room?

The wallpaper we designed is probably my favorite part of her room. I love the delicate details and how it makes the space feel so soft and whimsical. It’s sweet enough to work in a nursery, but it’s also a pattern that she can grow with. And it pairs so well with all of the light wood tones in the space. 

One of our favorite aspects of your patterns is that they grow with your child—how were some ways you updated your daughter's space from a nursery to a “big girl” room?

I’d say this room is kind of in between a nursery and a big girl room! Probably because I’m not ready to give up her toddler bed and transition her to a twin just yet! I know the time will come soon, though. Adding the wainscot and wallpaper was probably the biggest transformation. We also added a little desk and rattan birds for the wall, which I love—and I’m still on the hunt for a vintage dresser. But it’s starting to feel more mature, which makes me both happy and sad, as I am just trying to soak up the last of her babyhood!

What is your favorite aspect in your daughter's bedroom refresh?

If it’s not obvious already, it is for sure the wallpaper!

Any design/styling tips for those wanting to use Dainty Leaves in their home?

The best part about this specific wallpaper is that I think it can fit almost any room! I love it for a kid's room, but I also think it would look amazing in a powder room, an office, or as an accent wall. Its small scale and neutral color palette makes it super versatile and brings just the right amount of interest to a space. I personally love it paired with warm wood tones and brass details.

Dainty Leaves wallpaper from Rylee + Cru is the backdrop for a toddler room with a small, light wood bed with light blue bedding, rattan toy baskets, and rattan bird wall sculptures.

You also have recently moved! What design aesthetic and overall vibe are you hoping to capture in your new home?

Yes! We moved a little over a year ago, but it still feels like it was just yesterday! I’m not sure I know how to define my style because I like mixing them! My biggest thing is light, and this home has great light, tall white walls, and white oak hardwood floors, which make for a great blank canvas to work from. Overall, I love a mostly neutral color palette and mixing old pieces with new ones. I love warm woods, mixed metals, and natural textiles.

The Dainty Leaves botanical wallpaper sets the tone for this room with a light wood blanket ladder and a small light gray upholstered ottoman.

You have now bought and redecorated a home, any tips for those out there about to do the same?

The one thing I’d say is to take your time, especially if this is a home you see yourself living in for a while. I think it’s easy to want to rush to fill the space, but I’d recommend taking it one room at a time. Live with it for a while and buy one major piece at a time and see how everything flows together. Invest in the big things first (so, rugs and a couch) and build around them. Filling in with less expensive items like pillows and decor.

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating new designs?

Inspiration comes from all over. I’m always most inspired when I step away from "work" and get into nature and spend time with my family. My kids are a constant source of inspiration, as are other creatives in my life.

What is next for you and Rylee and Cru?

I am currently wrapping up designing our Spring/Summer 2022 collection, which I am so excited about, and also have some exciting releases happening later this year!

Photography provided by Kelli Murray, Kelly Fondots