Whether you find yourself living a jet-set or stay-at-home lifestyle, Marianna Hewitt works to support and uplift your self-care routine. As the co-founder of Summer Fridays brand and now a podcast host, Marianna has centered her career around a love for simply, cleanly, and beautifully made products. When launching Summer Fridays in 2018 with her partner Lauren Ireland, the idea was to create an easy-to-use skincare line made from high-quality ingredients that left customers with a dewy, sun-kissed, and effortlessly beautiful look. The brand has been a massive favorite in our Lulu and Georgia offices since it launched, as has Marianna's home decor aesthetic, so we were really excited to sit down with her in her space. We discussed how her decor blends her travels and love for that California cozy style, how accents can complete the look of a space, and how this past year has reshaped her relationship with her home and her city of Los Angeles.

A low white sectional sofa with loose back cushions sits in a white living room with a short white square end table, oval light wood coffee table, a curved white boucle accent chair and a black media cabinet.

You run a staff favorite, Summer Fridays skincare business in Los Angeles. Tell us how you got your start. 

My partner Lauren and I started working on an idea for a skincare line in 2016 and took nearly two years working on the brand and formulas and then launched with our bestselling Jet Lag Mask in 2018. We launched on our own site and at Sephora, and we are now available at over 1000+ stores globally through our retail partners.

How would you describe your at-home decor style?

I describe as California comfort with a mix of wabi-sabi and a little touch of European—it reflects all the places I love around the world, where I currently live in Los Angeles and is a mix of styles that all go together.

A few Lulu and Georgia pieces are layered into your space, is there one statement maker you still find yourself fawning over?  

I love the Celeste Accent Chair I added to my living room. I am always taking content from home, and not only is it comfortable, but it is so photogenic in my space and a beautiful piece to look at visually.

Any advice for those looking to update their living room—including maybe a couple of tips for people wanting to recreate your space's look? 

One big large piece can completely change a room—or you can invest in a ton of accessories to style a place and change them out as your home decor style evolves. It is an easy way to make a big difference.

Speaking of your living room, what are some personal touches that are important to you? 

The styling pieces make the space; having layers of books, vases, or trays in varying heights, textures, and tones really make a room come together. 

How did you strike a balance between function and aesthetics in your living room?

Functionality is the most important element. I spend the most amount of time in my living room, so comfort is key. I want to feel like my home is liveable, so having furniture that is not only beautiful but that are pieces I want to use and sit on is a must.

We love your use of cream-colored neutrals. What's one tip on how to keep your space in pristine condition? 

I always take my shoes off at the door, and if I am wearing dark color denim, I lay a blanket down on the couch before I sit down.

A cream linen and a rose linen lumbar pillow layer with one ivory linen and one rose linen square throw pillows on a neutral colored linen upholstered bench.
What are some at-home rituals you started in quarantine that you'll hope to continue? 

I do my morning routine that includes journaling and meditating in my living room every morning. My home is such a place of comfort for me, so having these routines in the same space every day gives me so much peace.

You live and work in Los Angeles. How do you like to spend your free time when not creating beautiful pieces? 

In the last year, I got to really enjoy the city I live in. Before, I was traveling so much that I never got to explore, and I always loved being near the ocean, but I especially fell in love with sunsets at the beach and going for walks.

Are there other artists, creatives, or mentors who you turn to for inspiration?

I love the homes of Athena Calderone, Pernille Teisbaek, and Elsa Hosk.

An oval light wood coffee table with coasters and decorative objects sits atop a neutral area rug. A curved white boucle arm chair with wood legs sits on a neutral striped area rug.
Photography provided by Marianna Hewitt