Timeless and sophisticated—whether for her fashion and beauty sense, or her at-home style, Pam Arias has a signature look. Expertly blending minimalist, neutral-hued styling with luxe touches, Arias is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Girl From Panama, a fashion, beauty, and travel blog. The blog, launched in 2014, thoughtfully shares advice on the latest fashion trends, beauty practices, and travel destinations. We have been long-time admirers of hers, so we were excited to visit her (and her pup, Pepe's) Miami home. Cream-colored walls and furnishings are complemented by fellow Miamian Élan Byrd's Nomad Rug and then finished with striking black accents. As Pam showed us her living room, we chatted about how The Girl From Panama has evolved, some of her favorite Lulu and Georgia pieces, and how people can recreate her space's look with just a few tips. Read on for more. 


A light squared arm sofa sits atop a Nomad neutral geometric woven rug. A small round marble topped Arteriors Kelsie coffee table sits in the middle of the room. An abstract painting hangs above the sofa. A light boucle rounded Zaha arm chair sits next to a small round black Marielle side table. A minimalist black and white piece of art hangs on the wall behind the chair.


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Blogger Pam Arias stands in a white dress in her living room.

Tell us the story of The Girl From Panama. How did your journey into fashion and design inspire you to launch your own blog?

The idea was born almost seven years ago. I had worked in the advertising industry in Panama, the fashion industry in London, and the beauty industry in San Francisco, CA, and all those wonderful experiences laid the foundation for this blog. It took me several years to get here. First, I had to learn more about the industry and myself.

Friends, family, and even people on the street constantly asked me for fashion advice or complimented me on my clothes. I always wanted to share my fashion knowledge and ideas with the world. It was an incredible feeling to be recognized for something that I love to do. 

When I worked at the headquarters of a beauty brand in San Francisco, CA, the need for this platform became more present. At that moment, I felt very confident in my style, and that positive reinforcement from friends and family gave me the push I needed to start my blog.

How do you feel as though your aesthetic has developed in the years since you've launched your blog?

My aesthetic has evolved a lot. I'm much more intentional with the things I wear and purchase. I'm true to my personal style, in my fashion beauty sense, and at home. 

How would you describe your at-home decor style, and does it differ from your fashion and beauty sense? 

My at-home decor style is pretty similar to my fashion and beauty sense. At home, I like things that are timeless. Pieces that will not go out of style, items that are elegant and sophisticated. My fashion and beauty sense is aligned with that aesthetic as well.


Let's talk about your Miami home. What was the overall vision and inspiration for your space?

I wanted this space to feel very cozy and inviting. We went for a very neutral palette that really relaxes me (and Pepe, my dog, haha). I wanted this space to feel very zen, and my designer Melissa Arosemena helped me bring that vision to life.

What brings you joy at home? What do you love most about it?

I love everything about it, but what I love the most is the Zaha Accent Chair. It's the perfect spot to relax and unwind, and it's also the ideal place to sit and look outside at the beautiful ocean.

We love how you've styled the Nomad Rug from the new Élan Byrd Collection. What made you choose it for your home?

I love my rug from Élan Byrd! I wanted to bring some texture and warmth into this place, and this was the perfect piece for it. It's so cozy, and it adds a nice contrast between the wood floor and the rest of the living room.

The light boucle Zaha accent chair sits atop the neutral Nomad woven geometric area rug.


Are there any other favorite Lulu and Georgia pieces that you've layered into your home?

So many! I also love this Marielle Side Table. In black marble, it's such an elegant and timeless pedestal that serves as a great drink table beside my chair. Another favorite piece is the Kelsie Round Coffee Table. It's the main focal point of the living room. I love the tone of the marble and the industrial silhouette that adds a luxe look with an edge.

Any advice for those looking to update their living space—including maybe a couple of tips for people wanting to recreate your space's look? 

Even though this is not my forever home, I focused on selecting pieces that could stand the test of time. That's my number one piece of advice for anyone looking to update their living space. Look for timeless and unique pieces so that if you decide to move to a new home, you can still take them with you. If you want to recreate my space's look, go for minimal pieces that are neutral, soft, and very cozy. 

A small tan dog lays in a neutral living room on top of the geometric Nomad woven area rug. A light colored sofa 
 is against a neutral wall under an earth-toned abstract painting. The Zaha boucle arm chair and Marielle round black side table sit across from the table.


What do you love most about living in Miami?

I absolutely love the culture here, and I love that I'm so close to the ocean. I was born and raised in Panama, and my family still lives there, so I moved to Miami, from Los Angeles, to be closer to them, and I'm super excited to be here. 

You've recently launched a new series, #LatinaEmpowerment. Would you mind sharing more about that and why you see the project to be so important?

I'm proud to be Latina, and I'm proud to be Panamanian. I love what I do, and I feel extremely grateful to have a platform that allows me to connect with people worldwide. Right now, the industry is a lot more inclusive of Latin American creators, but there's always room for improvement. That's why I started my series called Latina Empowerment last year. The intention is that I hand over my platform to spotlight a Latina woman or brand who inspired me, who was creating change, and empowering Latina women everywhere. Now, I'm in the process of expanding on that idea with another project that will be launching very soon! 

Photography by Monica Molina