Whether for yourself and your family or for frequent visitors, an entryway is essential for setting the tone when entering your home. Your entryway should be able to convey personality, be functional, and feel welcoming once you walk in the door. We understand that each home is different, so that is why we're here with our latest Styling Series to help you reimagine and curate your space. As with all of our installments, we've recruited our Senior Manager of Brand Creative and resident stylist, Kelley Mason, for her recommendations on styling tips and a few of her favorite entry looks. Kelley addresses three themes—bringing in lots of chic accents and extra seating, redefining a non-traditional entryway to serve your needs, and incorporating plenty of storage (as well as eye-catching wall decor). Read on for all of her suggestions, and for more ideas and inspiration on best creating stylish entry spaces, check out our Shop by Room page.

A low ivory boucle bench sits next to a hanging wooden cabinet in a modern entryway. On top of the bench is a tall wood framed mirror and stacks of books. On the hanging cabinet sits an arched white vase and a white ceramic bowl. A round wooden dining chair with gray upholstered seat sits next to a curved white sideboard cabinet in this modern entryway.


How To Add a Curated Display and Seating

An open console in an entryway can either be a curated display of thoughtful pieces or a cluttered and chaotic mess. Choose styles that help corral those loose items, like low bowls, trays, and boxes to keep your keys and mail organized. When styling a console table, adding items of varying height and scale is important to add visual interest. This mix of a tall table lamp, medium vase, layered art pieces, and low-lying books and bowls in a muted palette does the trick. 
An accent chair is an excellent addition to an entry if you have the room to provide an area for seating. Incorporate hooks and baskets for extra storage if needed. A plush rug lends the overall look some warmth and keeps things soft underfoot.

A small light wood dresser with a short round textured vase holding dried botanicals sits underneath a dark hanging bookcase with white books and decorative accents in a modern entryway look. A curved black wooden console table sits against a wood-slatted wall in a modern entryway look. Above the table leans a gray line drawing and two sconces.


How To Redefine the Space

Not every home has a traditional entry, but there are ways to separate and define the space near your door. A small space entryway needs to work extra hard to provide functionality while elevating your home's look. Consider using non-traditional pieces like nightstands, side tables, or even a small chest of drawers. 
No matter the size of the space or the pieces of furniture you choose, an entryway should be a comforting sight every time you walk into your home. Accent lighting, like a sconce or small pendant light, is also a great addition and helps define the space even further. By adding a landing spot for keys, mail, random extras, wall art, and decor to inject a little personality, the entry can be welcoming to anyone who walks in the door.

A white curved dresser with reeded front drawers adds storage in an entryway. On top of the dresser sits a white low bowl and three white ceramic vases of varying heights. Above the dresser hangs three modern black and white paintings. A full-length burl wood mirror leans against a wall in this entryway. Next to the mirror sits a potted small tree and a wooden sideboard cabinet.


How To Incorporate Storage and Wall Decor

A larger sideboard or cabinet used in an entry is a great way to add extra concealed storage. Place baskets or containers inside to corral loose shoes, seasonal items, or random extras inside and out of sight. This is also a great way to incorporate texture and warmth into a space. A table lamp or two sconces are perfect for brightening up a bigger entryway that could use a boost.
Besides coming in handy for a quick peek while running out the door, a mirror above a case piece in the entry can make it look much larger and brighter. Instead of a mirror, wall art instantly interjects personality into the space. Keep in mind that the scale of the mirror or artwork should be proportional to the width of the furniture. Make sure the pieces on the surface are also proportionate—a good rule of thumb is to make sure that nothing is taller than the total height of the console table it's resting on and that all wall decor is hung at eye level.