Art is a tool to document history. At its best, it serves as a bridge to a time, place, or people and encourages you to forge a connection and relate it to your own story. In that same breath, multidisciplinary artist and activist Malene Barnett's work envisions a contemporary Black experience rooted in the cultural and artistic traditions of the African diaspora. She draws inspiration from the community of makers who built and preserved the legacy of these traditions. Her ceramic work explores and expands on that heritage, incorporating stories from West Africa to the Caribbean through to America. Malene's ability to beautifully intertwine these distinct narratives in her work made us so excited to collaborate with her last year for our Malene Barnett Kindred Collection

This exclusive line reimagines her hand-built vessels' patterns as wallcoverings, connecting you to her experience and those maker communities. We want to spotlight how each print stands out, with rich texture and natural colors like ocean-inspired indigos, earthy terracottas, and chalky whites. These wallpapers help evolve the look and feel of your home—making it into a creative, liberatory space and inviting you and your guests to come close to touch the walls. Read more for an in-depth look at each pattern from the Kindred Collection and a few tips to style these wallpapers into your space.


"I never looked at fabric as a flat surface, and I always wanted to bring that three-dimensional element. I wanted the pieces to be tactile, so when you come close to the surface, you feel connected—not just to the patterns but also to the materials. And it inspires people to want to add those different textures into their homes." – Malene Barnett

The blue and neutral Mosaic Wallpaper designed by Malene Barnett has a metallic and geometric design. A crocheted wall hanging hangs on the wall above a light wood curved dresser.

Spotlight On: Mosaic

Curate your space with the lustrous Mosaic Wallpaper—its metallic accents highlight and connect a colorful, fragmented design. Initially inspired by the patterns found in West African and Caribbean outdoor spaces, Malene also sees the Mosaic as a metaphor for the African diaspora experience. The experience of being dispersed amongst the world, yet connected through a shared culture. We love how it's versatile enough to fit in any room in your home, adding a hint of brilliance and rich pattern.

The neutral Heritage Wallpaper by Malene Barnett features textured dots and abstract shapes in chalky white colors. The wallpaper contrasts against dark green wainscotting in a modern and colorful sitting room.

Spotlight On: Heritage

The Heritage Wallpaper's dotted pattern features tactile detailing that channels the ancestral pattern-making techniques of the Brooklyn artist's original ceramic piece. The light neutral hues in a chalky white color palette allow this piece to adapt to many different areas within your home, from the living space to your dining room. Pair it with tailored frames and colorful accents.

The dark blue and light blue shades of the Bequia Wallpaper designed by Malene Barnett are inspired by the Caribbean Sea, with a wave-like abstract pattern. The navy blue wallpaper hangs in a colorful bedroom and the light blue wallpaper hangs in a light, coastal dining room.

Spotlight On: Bequia

The Caribbean Sea is the main inspiration behind the deep indigo and ocean blue tones and wave-like design of the Bequia Wallpaper. We suggest pairing the ocean color with lighter natural finishes and clean-lined forms to evoke a calming coastal retreat. Or, opt for a moodier, refined look by complimenting the darker indigo color with bold, sculptural styles.

The deep red hues of the Alaari Wallpaper designed by Malene Barnett hangs in a dramatic, dark library with dark green wainscotting, a large white, mustard and red abstract painting and bookshelves full of books.

Spotlight On: Alaari

Transform your space with the rich terracotta palette and tactile pattern of the Alaari Wallpaper. The style reinterprets an earlier hand-built and etched sculpture by the multidisciplinary artist, with its earthy terracotta hues tying back to a red-dyed cloth significant to indigenous Yoruba beliefs. We love the idea of creating an eye-catching space in your study or living room.

The neutral and abstract Malou Wallpaper designed by Malene Barnett fits into a neutral living room with bold dark accent pillows and paintings.


Spotlight On: Malou
Embracing traditional techniques and the makers who keep those traditions alive is central to Malene's work. The Malou Wallpaper then celebrates the legacy of Afro-Caribbean women potters, specifically coal pot artisans from Jamaica. Its chalky white finish offers a tonal look that chicly contrasts its finely textured pattern, making it a great fit for styling it in a bathroom or transitional space.