Hilde Leiaghat wants you to stay in bed. The Founder and CEO of Pom Pom at Home is here to give you a tutorial on making your bed into the coziest retreat this winter. A native of Belgium, Hilde grew up frequenting flea markets where she shared a love of antiques and vintage linens with her father. That appreciation with vintage linens took center stage when she and her husband first opened brick-and-mortar stores under the name of Pom Pom Interiors over three decades ago. Hilde's collection of vintage European linens was so popular in stores that the couple eventually decided to focus their brand on bedding and other textiles. The result is that Pom Pom at Home has become a resource for superior quality home goods that transform everyday experiences into sheer delight. We had a chance to visit the entrepreneur in her home some time ago, where she gave us a lesson in mixing textures and supersoft organic materials to create the ultimate lived-in luxe feel for a bed. Starting with premium linen sheets and a duvet from her brand, Hilde then layers on a cotton blanket and tons of lumbar and oversized pillows. Browse the entire Pom Pom at Home shop and watch the tutorial below.


A light wood headboard up against a light filled window anchors neutral and gray Pom Pom at Home linen bedding. A small round night stand with marble top and meta base holds a lamp and small floral arrangement next to the bed, while a woven natural and black tote holds a fuzzy blanket. A white kitchen with stainless steel appliances is full of light. A white runner rug with a black stripe lays on the wood floor between the counter and island.

White bedding with a gray duvet and accent pillow sits on a bed with a light wood headboard. Across from the bed is a tall wooden dresser with a lamp, two tan pitchers and a leaning piece of art. A small wooden chair sits in the corner.


An antique wooden bench with a white pillow with black embroidery sits across from a painted white iron stair railing in a bright upstairs hallway. A vintage painted chest sits at the end of the hallway holding a small crystal lamp and decorative accessories. A beige linen arm chair and ottoman has a rust pillow and throw draped over. Behind the chair is a lamp with a red patterned lampshade and a large vintage floor mirror with a fold frame and scroll details. An open door leads to an outdoor patio.



"That's what we're all about—is having different layers of texture."
– Hilde Leiaghat, Founder/CEO of Pom Pom at Home


Pale pink linen bedding is layered on white sheets and pillow shams in this made bed. A long neutral abstract painting hangs over the bed. Pale pink linen bedding is layered on white sheets and pillow shams in this made bed. A long neutral abstract painting hangs over the bed. Two round small nested tables holding a lamp and a small flower arrangement sit between the bed and windows.


A dark sofa with neutral pillows, a small sleeping brown dog, a blue throw blanket and a fuzzy throw sit across from two dark upholstered armchairs with Pom Pom at home neutral throw pillows and a blanket. A wood and metal coffee table sits in the middle and a white fireplace is behind the table.