Walking through Élan Byrd's new studio, it's clear why she prioritizes texture, balance, and warmth in her work and when styling a room. Located in a stunning Art Deco building along Miami Beach, the space features Spanish-style charm with french doors, stucco curved walls, and sunlight streaming through its large windows. In her workroom and living space, it was exciting to see how well styles from our new collaboration complement her existing and in-progress raffia artwork. The loden green of Earth Maze Moroccan Shag Rug in the showroom pairs with the lush greenery and earthy leather chairs, while the hand-printed designs of the Canyon Pillow and Stonewalk Pillow add subtle hints of texture. 
We visited Miami to chat with Élan about her new studio, how her work affects her creative space, and her tips for curating your home with this latest collection. As Élan mentioned during our tour, she was "proud of the way the rugs were translated from drawing into physical form." This line feels like a genuine extension of her vision, and it was gratifying to see our collaboration come to life. Read on for our conversation with the artist and shop the entire Élan Byrd Rugs + Pillows collection here.

How did you first get introduced to textile design, and what led you to launch your award-winning studio?

Ever since I was a child, I had an interest in both interior and fashion design. When I studied fashion design in college, I was introduced to textiles and fell in love with creating patterns and weaving. Since they share overlapping elements, textile design was the common thread that connected me to both fields. From there, it was an easy transition into using the skills I learned through fashion to create art for the home today.

Congratulations on your new studio space! Tell us why you went with this gorgeous space in Miami Beach?

During the pandemic, it was great to be able to create art from home. However, it became overwhelming living with raffia everywhere I turned. At the beginning of this year, I knew I wanted to look for a studio that had a bit of character. I found a space in Miami Beach that has a touch of Miami history in an Art Deco building. Plus, when I saw the french doors, stucco curved walls, and the sun beaming in on warm wood floors, I just knew that I had to make this space my studio.

Comfort and inspiration are vital to a creative space. How does your space influence the pieces you make?

To be honest, it has worked in quite the opposite way. My work actually influences my space. I am someone who constantly rearranges furniture, styles a new vignette, or even paints a whole room solely inspired by the artwork I'm creating at that moment in time. I enjoy being able to create a home where my artwork could live. It helps me envision that space in which my work will live after it has left my studio.

What's the most underrated element of home décor that you think every studio or workspace should have?

While it's great to have a space designed to be inspiring and keep me in the zone of creation, I think it's equally important to have an area within a workspace to withdraw and take a break to clear the mind. Whenever I feel stuck creating the same type of work or experience artist block when trying to make new artwork, I find having an empty corner with a floor pillow or designated area where I can take a step back and reflect or close my eyes and detach helps me move past any sort of artist block and make a clear decision pertaining to my work.

If you had to pick, what is your favorite space in the studio?

The area that I've set up as the showroom/ living room is definitely my favorite space within the studio. It's where I get to display all of my finished work and have fun rearranging furniture to style vignettes for photographing the artwork. It is the area where I hang out and have discussions when I invite clients or other creatives over for a studio visit. It's also a favorite because it's the room that stays the cleanest and allows me to feel that I have my life together while the workroom may be in complete chaos.

What are your three tips for someone styling your collection into their home?

My first tip is to have fun mixing patterns. This collection is all about pattern play, and I believe the Canyon Pillow is a minimal print that can easily mix well with the other patterns, but it will also stand out against solid colors. In addition, this collection lends itself to being styled with light, airy tones. However, to switch up the vibe heading into fall-winter, the collection looks great when styled with black accents and dark rich neutrals for a moody and cozier aesthetic. Lastly, for someone looking to create a more minimal style room, the two-tone color palette of the Nomad and Oasis Rugs plays well for creating a simplified monochromatic look.


Tell us about your selection process when choosing a rug for each of the areas in your studio.

Living Space: I chose to use the Earth Maze Rug because it's one of my favorite pieces in the collection. It's a reminder of my journey and that of those that come before me. I wanted to display it in the showroom/ living room area because it's an intentional and meaningful piece that's when people are gathered around can be a conversation starter to engage in deep dialogue.

Work Room: I wanted to style the Oasis Rug in the workroom because it's the rug most reflective of the style of artwork I'm currently creating. The monochromatic two-tone palette adds a bit of warmth to a room of white walls while also being a neutral base when the artwork is on the walls. Not to mention it's super plush to lay down on and have a cheeky little midday nap.

What are a few styles in your new rug and pillow collection that you are most proud of?

As a whole, I'm proud of the way the rugs were translated from drawing into physical form. The rich texture and color transitions of the Terra Rug adds such drama and boldness to the collection. Inspired by the ancient patterns of a labyrinth and maze, the Earth Maze Rug holds significant meaning to me. The design not only represents the journey and traveled paths of our ancestors, but also my very own of getting to where I'm at today. I'm really proud of the Oasis Rug because the multi-dimensional pile height and pattern directly reflect the artwork I'm currently creating.

Is there one thing you want all of your customers to know about your new collection with us?

I intentionally designed a variety of unique patterns that ranged from bold and dramatic to a more delicate, nuanced style. I wanted to create a collection that had versatility and which gave an alternative to the notion that neutral is either boring or bland.

What qualities do you like to always be present in your designs?

Texture, balance, and warmth are a few qualities I make sure are present in my designs or when styling a room. I love using neutral tones that evoke a warm atmosphere and texture to celebrate the organic, natural forms found in nature. I create balance through harmonious compositions that use the beauty of raw materials to evoke a similar feeling of calm in a more tactile form.

What's next for you and your studio?

I'm excited to start exploring furniture design along with creating new work in a different medium. Also, I'm looking into hiring and growing my team beyond just me. I've learned that it's challenging to manage all aspects of my business and the creative process while maintaining a studio space.