We want to make you forget about a specific and static design aesthetic when styling your home. Design is constantly evolving, and homeowners and interior stylists are no longer putting together looks that are entirely "mid-century modern," "Scandinavian, "or "industrial." Instead, there is a concerted effort to bring to life a curated, tailored mix of pieces that tell the story of the individual and their home. That is the intention behind our Summer Lookbook, to highlight how to create a thoughtfully put-together home that centers you, your lifestyle, and all the places you pull inspiration from. By combining modern with vintage, sculptural and clean-lined, and textured alongside polished, it is the blending of design principles that makes a space feel like home. We want to show how that mix can come together in a space that feels collected over time and fits your unique life and home. We're inviting you to imagine yourself and your family here, lost in a good book on your sectional or in deep conversation around the dinner table. As you scroll, we add a few lessons on how to use a tonal color palette to layer multiple materials and textures, as well as three tips on quickly refreshing your home for the summer months. Read below for more from our lookbook.



Two natural-colored boucle barrel swivel chairs sit upon the neutral and black geometric patterned Senna rug in a casual seating arrangement. A small round dark wood table sits between the chairs and a marble and wood round coffee table sits on the rug. An oval light wood desk  with a laptop, flowers and books sits atop a neutral colored area rug. A black and cane chair sits at the desk, while a black, gray and white abstract painting is on the wall behind it. A boucle accent chair sits near the desk.
"The style of this lookbook is effortless and casual but still feels collected and curated. It mixes different styles, textures, and eras but is linked with a throughline of neutral colors and timeless patterns."
Kelley Mason, Senior Manager of Brand Creative
Six white boucle dining chairs with wooden backs and legs sit at an oval medium brown wood dining table. The seating sits on a white and gray geometric area rug and a modern white sculptural chandelier hangs above. A black sideboard buffet is off to the side.
Two neutral boucle barrel swivel chairs sit across from a green velvet sofa in a wood-paneled library. A small round black accent table sits between the chairs and a brown and white diamond patterned area rug flanks the area. A black sideboard cabinet with clear class doors sits against a white wall. The cabinet holds decor items and a gray stone lamp sits on the left while three lit taper candles sit on the right. Above the buffet is a geometric line drawing.
How To Curate a Layered, Collected Space

Keeping a tonal color palette is the key when mixing and matching different textures and materials. Overall, you want to keep the total amount to three colors or less for a cohesive look. We suggest starting with a primary tone, like green, gray, or ivory. Then bring in your space's focal points, like a sofa, dining table, or bed, in your chosen color. You can then choose to layer in the rest of the pieces in the same tone for a monochromatic effect or add in one to two other shades of complementary colors. (Think earthy tones or similar neutrals.) 
An alternative way to create the layered look is to base your space around a colorful centerpiece, such as a plush shag rug or oversized wall art. Use one to three colors from that piece as a reference point and keep the rest of the space in that range. You can work within the tonal range of those three colors to add more dimension and visual impact.

A light wood and cane bed with neutral bedding and dark gray blankets sit in this neutral bedroom. A rounded boucle bench sits at the end of the bed, which sits upon a dark traditional area rug. A slim black chandelier hangs above the bed. A rounded modern matte white vase sits next to a shiny black vase with wavy handles. A stack of small plates with persimmons sits next to the vases.
Four black dining chairs with rattan backs and upholstered seats surround a white round table in a kitchen dining nook. A white cylindrical vase and shiny black vase sit on top of the table.

3 Ways To Slip Into Summer

Lighten the mood:

Our sense of smell is closely linked to memory and can instantly transform a space. Bring in candles and incense with lighter notes of citrus, water elements, and greenery. Essential oils and fresh flowers like peonies or lavender are a great option, as well as simply throwing open the windows and letting the scents of freshly cut grass and summer barbecues drift in. 

Choose texture wisely: 

Swapping out heavier hand towels, wool throws, and thick bedding for something lighter can instantly provide a summer facelift. Choose natural fabrics like breezy linen and airy cotton for a fresh feel. Even adding a single accent pillow or lightweight throw can make a big difference. 

Go green:

Now is an ideal time to add potted plants or freshly cut greenery to your space and pair them with a striking planter. Or, you can look to bring in an herb garden to a kitchen sill or place a low-maintenance house plant like a pothos or Chinese evergreen.