The close of another most interesting and unexpected year has us in a reflective mood. Our mission here at Lulu and Georgia is to bring beauty into your home. We're proud of the unique collections we've launched, the exclusive collaborations and partnerships we have made, and the numerous, wide-ranging stories and styling advice we have been able to share with you this past year. From the sculptural forms, tactile materiality, and minimal styling of our Soft Deco editorial in the spring to the experiment with dimension, postmodern silhouettes, and warm palettes for our Artful Proportions collection, we pride ourselves on our cutting-edge product design and staying ahead of the latest in home decor. So, we're excited to look ahead and share what's next. 

2022 is almost here—we want to help you get ahead of the times. We have recruited Kelley Mason, our Manager of Creative + Content and resident stylist, to spotlight five of the looks she is most looking forward to this next year. They are: statement light to serve as glamorous accents for your space; rich, saturated colors to create a fresh and vibrant feel; one-of-a-kind vintage elements to help make a curated and collected look; the warm minimalism of Japanese and Scandinavian interior design; and indulging in a bit of retro nostalgia by incorporating statement-making pieces from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Read below for more on each look and some styling advice from Kelley.


Statement Lighting


The black woven rattan Sayan pendant light hangs in a black dining room above a round white dining table, rounded black dining chairs and above the neutral and black geometric patterned Senna Rug.
The Ari Long Woven Pendant Light hangs above a round light wood side table next to a neutral upholstered headboard with wooden siderails.


We like to envision lighting fixtures as the jewelry of a space or room; it's functional, but it is also meant to tie a look together and elevate it to new heights. Like the Adeline Chandelier or Paige Pendant Light, a statement-making style brings a sense of drama to your home. These pieces set the mood, which is necessary for any room but especially for open, multifunctional spaces where you want to delineate between different areas.

"I especially love the look of statement lighting in a small space—from glamorous sconces in a bathroom to an oversize pendant in a dining nook."


Rich, Saturated Color


A dark red velvet squared Belmont Accent chair sits in a dark gray paneled library. Next to the chair is a round wood side table and built-in bookcases full of plants, books, and home decor items.
The dark blue Bequia Wallpaper designed by Malene Barnett hangs in a colorful bedroom and contrasts against off-white wainscotting. Against the wall is a bed covered in golden bedding, a blue throw blanket and rose throw pillows.


There will always be a need for clean-lined, neutral-toned designs and spaces that create a calm and welcoming feel. However, we are really excited by the prospect of bringing in deep vibrant hues to our homes. That could mean using jewel tones, like this Fabienne Sofa, to infuse color into typically white or neutral spaces or pair contrasting shades to transform a room completely.

"Deep, intense jewel tones like emerald and amethyst paired with the 'new neutrals' like navy and rust feel fresh and vibrant."


Vintage, and More Vintage


An ivory sofa 
 with black, brown and gray throw pillows sits in a vintage-inspired living room. Across from the sofa is a burl wood coffee table, and blush colored drapes frame a window.
A rustic low bench sits below a window on a white paneled wall. On the wooden bench sits a white vase full of green stems and two stacked books with a candle.


Vintage styles are definite conversation starters as they have the look and feel of a find on your far-flung travels. We love the idea of celebrating their uniqueness—the handcrafted process which created these pieces and the patina and temporal texture they have acquired over time. Our favorite vintage works have been remade into something new, like how a vintage rug was transformed into stunning framed wall art.

"Mixing vintage pieces into any space is a great way to make a home feel curated and collected over many years, even if you just moved in."


Warm Minimalism


Two curved ivory accent chairs sit in front of a stacked river rock stone fireplace and atop a geometric neutral area rug.
Curved wooden modern dining chairs surround a light wood pedestal round dining table in a light and airy dining room. A neutral patterned rug grounds the space and a modern white sculptural pendant light hangs above the table.


The fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design, more commonly known as Japandi, is a relatively new concept, but its key features are not. It focuses on clean lines, function furniture and accents, the organic texture of natural materials, and a combination of muted yet contrasting color palettes. Think light grays, sky blues, and pale pinks mixed with whites, blacks, and wood finishes. This look's overall effect is one of warmth and comfort in your space.

"Neutral elements pared down to their simplest, sculptural roots are at the base of this design movement."


Retro Nostalgia


A dark wood rectangular dining table is surrounded by six light wood curved modern dining chairs with ivory seats. A round paper globe pendant light hangs above the table, which sits atop a neutral and brown geometric grid area rug.
A white modern sofa with curved lines sits atop a neutral and black geometric print Senna area rug. Two round marble tables sit in front of the sofa and a cane and wood rounded arm chair with a black seat sits across from the sofa.


The final trend we're most looking forward to is this idea of retro nostalgia. That means utilizing statement-making pieces inspired originally by 60s, 70s, and 80s designs. The influx of personality defined those eras, from the experimentation with scale to incorporating vibrant colors to reimagining the use of materiality and texture. Don't be afraid to bring in bold styles that stand out in your space for this trend.

"Design is cyclical. Looking to the past for inspiration and incorporating previous trends is a nod to that style and helps preserve the sentiment behind a piece or design movement to create something entirely new."