Tis the season! I'm Kelley, the resident stylist here at Lulu and Georgia. This week during our Fall Edit, I'll be sharing insider tips and tricks I've learned over my ten-year career as an interior designer and prop stylist. I've styled hundreds of room settings and have picked up tons of pro tips along the way. When we first started working from home last year we never could have imagined we’d still be here as we head into our second Fall season. There have been many phases of quarantine that's basically our new normal. Now that our work from home situations have become permanent, here is how we're breathing new life into the second half of 2021, we’re talking about how to refresh and cozy-up your work from home set-up.

Photography by Kayla Seah

Updating Your Office 

Make your home office a place you'll actually want to work from. I like to start with a statement-making chair that is both stylish and comfortable. Avoid harsh overhead light and add a desk lamp. Accessorize with things that inspire like your favorite books, personal photographs, and fresh flowers or a plant. It's really the little details that make the biggest difference in your home office.

Photography (left) by Bobby Berk 

The Dining Room

Although close proximity to the kitchen can be dangerous (we sometimes find ourselves grabbing a spoonful of ice cream from the freezer in between calls), for those of us without a dedicated work space it’s the next best option. Make sure you are using a chair that is comfortable enough to sit in all day but stylish enough to leave at the table when you “clock out.” We also love our Farmhouse Pottery mugs for a luxurious morning coffee routine. Minimal dining spaces work best, it allows the transition from office to dining table for friends and family easy. If your space is feeling cluttered - add a tray to corral your odds and end into. Lastly, at the end of each work day, take all of your dishes (ice cream spoons in our case) into the kitchen and leave your dining room tidy for the evening. 

Photography (left) by Aimee Song

The Corner Nook

Sometimes all you can manage is a spot to curl up with your laptop and tackle emails. We like to move around from time to time to freshen things up and break up the day. If you can, set up your “cozy corner” next to a window for natural light. If natural light isn’t an option a lamp or sconce with a shade is great for warm light that’s bright enough to work. Lastly, we always love to have a candle burning for a homey feel. 

Photography (right) by Mallory Fletchall

The Bedroom

When your kids are doing online schooling and use 90% of the available space in the house for their own personal playground, look no further than your bedroom. Behind a closed door is the WFH home bliss (and quiet) you crave. We’d recommend adding a small table and a chair in this space if you can but if not, prop yourself on the bed with a stack of books in your lap to set your computer on. If you’re going to be spending day and night here, you might as well love it. Freshen up with crisp bedding and some decorative pillows. We also love a diffuser in the bedroom to create a zen feel.

Photography (right) by Chris and Julia Marcum

The Outdoors

In California, we’re lucky to have nice weather year round. Set up a little spot on your patio or balcony to step outside for a bit during the day. It’s a great place to take calls, provided you have a little shade. If you’re not in a place with year-round sun, be sure to head outside for bit to go for a walk or have a cup of coffee. A cozy blanket can make chilly weather totally bearable!

Photography (right) by Jenee Naylor