Our Fall Editorial is here—and we're getting a little bit louder now with our latest collection and our approach to styling it in a space. Earlier this year, we spoke about creating layered, collected spaces by blending design principles and using different textures and materials for our summer lookbook. Our newest line has us incredibly excited as it builds on that philosophy while looking to bring in more vibrant, eye-catching styles. Inspired by contemporary art, bold interiors, and graphic design, this new fall editorial is marked by unexpected moments. We draw on blocks of primary colors, asymmetric patterns, and unique details to bring well-curated spaces to life. For our launch, we turn to our Creative Director, Jenna Kincaid, and Sr. Manager of Brand Creative, Kelley Mason, to discuss the collection. The two speak about how they used a historic Victorian-era mansion in Belvedere, California, as the backdrop for our fall editorial shoot, their favorite styles, and how they're welcoming the new season. Read on for more, and shop the entire new collection.

Our Creative Director, Jenna Kincaid and Sr. Manager of Brand Creative, Kelley Mason discuss our fall editorial and how they’re welcoming the new season.

Jenna Kincaid: Hi Kel! 

Kelley Mason: Hello! This is only the 6th time today I've talked to you. 

JK: I know, did you miss me?

KM: Always. 

JK: Ok, well, we're here to talk about fall. Let's start with our fall collection. 

KM: This is definitely one of my favorites to date. Walk us through the inspiration behind the collection.

JK: Our product development and buying teams came up with the vision for the collection, and I was so excited to see bold pops of primary colors. The inspiration was modern, bold, and a little bit funky. What was your process in bringing that to life? 

KM: We had been focused on neutrals and textures for most of the year, so when I saw the rich color and funky shapes of this collection, I was really excited to get to work on it. Once we found the location, I was especially inspired by the juxtaposition of the intricate details and history of the space paired with the modern geometrics and telling that story of contradiction. 

JK: We've been lucky enough to shoot in tons of beautiful houses for our editorials over the years. This house for our fall collection had a really interesting history, right? 

KM: It did. We shot in a historic Victorian Mansion built in 1904 that was actually chain-sawed in half in the 1960s and transported across the San Francisco Bay to save it from being demolished. The architect then researched and dug up the original house plans in order to put the home back together and restore it to its turn-of-the-century glory. This is what I've noticed about a lot of the houses we've shot in—it's the details that make the space special, even if you can't actually see them. Whether it's a bespoke scent, trinkets from travel, or insane historical details, you can just tell when owners have pride in their homes. It's the difference between a space that is just well designed and a space that feels cozy and exudes its own energy and vibrance.

JK: The fall collection has so many great pieces—what are you bringing home?

KM: I'm definitely going to snag one of my favorite red Tate stools; clearly, you can tell my obsession with them. I had to resist putting them in every shot. The color is so good. The sweet little piped shade Magdalene sconces are also a big favorite, as is the Temi Chair, which we started referring to lovingly on set as the “Gumby” chair. So many good pieces, not enough space!

KM: So, I'm in LA, where it's blazing summer year-round, but you're in Seattle, where the leaves are starting to turn, and the weather is getting cooler. How are you getting your home ready for fall? 

JK: Most of the summer, I try to spend out of the house to soak up the rare nice weather in the Pacific Northwest, so when fall rolls around, I'm fully ready to hibernate. It sounds obvious and trite, but I really do think a seasonal scent is the best way to instantly invite that fall feeling. My favorite thing to do when I log off for the day is put on some music, light a candle, and pour a glass of wine—it helps separate the day from the night, especially while working from home. I'm also a big fan of updating the planters on our front steps with seasonal fall plants like cabbages and, later in the season, putting out some gourds. It just makes me so happy whenever I come home. What about you?

KM: It's still so hot here, but I'm slowly bringing in the essence of fall with darker, moodier florals and scents like bergamot and cedar. I'm desperate to indulge in soups and stews, my favorite foods—I made a hot chicken ginger congee the other day but was fully sweating by the time I was finished eating. Once the weather starts getting cooler, I'll bring in my favorite textured, nubby throws and restock the bar with smoky mezcal and Becherovka.  

JK: Never heard of it!

KM: Oooh it's so good—a Czech liqueur that tastes like nutmeg and clove, mixed into an old fashioned, like autumn in a glass.

KM: I know you like a good cocktail too and that you love to host. What's your game plan this season? 

JK: I love having people over and hosting, but try not to be fussy about it. My number one hosting tip is just to always clean your bathroom (laughs). People stress out that guests will judge your clutter or the mess your kid made but really, they will just be grossed out if your bathroom is covered in hair and the mirror has toothpaste splattered all over it. Besides that, I'm planning a "Fall Kick-Off"—chili, cornbread, and pumpkin beers are on the menu, along with a Notting Hill watch party.

JK: Ok, one last question before we sign off, what's inspiring you most these days?

KM: I'm craving rich, saturated color and maximalist print on print—I'm feeling very inspired by the Saint James Paris hotel lately and fighting the urge to wallpaper every room in my home. I'm also gravitating toward leather and suede lately, especially vintage pieces where you can just see the entire life of the piece etched into the fabric. 

JK: So poetic. Well, that's our time. Happy Fall!