Nestled along the Malibu coast sits Casa de Ola—an architectural marvel that blends into its surroundings with a rolling silhouette and big picture windows to drink in the view. You might recognize this place from our summer wine pairing party—we loved it, and we're back for more. We talked with LALA Reimagined, the visionary design firm that brought this coastal gem to life. They opened the book on their creative process, inspirations, and the small considerations that went into transforming this space with the essence of Malibu in every detail—and yes, those are Eny Lee Parker lights in the dining room. We also talked about bringing beauty home, upcoming trends, and what the future holds for LALA Reimagined, so let's get into it.

Tell us a little about the Malibu project; what drew you to work on this home?

As soon as we walked in for the first time, we felt it had the potential of a boutique hotel in paradise. The architectural details, and the way it sits on the water.

This project takes such good advantage of its natural setting—having Malibu beach not only as a backdrop but really as a focal point for the project. Was having the space feel connected to its surroundings important to you?

Absolutely! We always pull inspiration from the unique and powerful natural settings that surround the homes that we design.

How did you talk about inspiration as the project developed?

Well we knew this is not a typical home in Malibu and we wanted the design concept we brought in, to reflect that.


How do you approach the decor of your clients' homes?

We take a very open approach with each client, as we want to reflect their personality as much as ours.

Do you feel as though your work and your personal aesthetic overlap?

Yes, we definitely feel the combination of our individual personal aesthetics lead to our unique interior design concept.

Can you walk us through your creative process for designing this home? With a project like this, what are the seemingly small considerations that can have an outsized impact once the design comes to life?

The seemingly small considerations that actually became the focal point of our design concept was the shelving accessories. While on some of our projects we leave the accessory design phase until the final stage; we knew with this home that the architectural features of the shelving throughout the house was a huge feature that had to be addressed in the beginning phase of design.

One of the elements that makes this home so special is the beautiful woodwork throughout the home. Can you talk more on that?

Yes, it is! We used that benefit as the backdrop of our design concept for the home. We wanted to keep the integrity of the architect's vision and the use of wood throughout the house. Casa de Ola's name inspiration came from the unique way the architect Jay Vanos drew inspiration from the surrounding ocean to mimic the wave concept into the ceiling wood design the main focal point upon entering the home.

 Any advice for those looking to update their home—including maybe a couple for people wanting to recreate the feel of this Malibu beauty?

I think the secret to our success with this particular house was not to necessarily create an all white beach house. When we took on the project, everyone kept asking if we were going to paint everything.

Our mission at Lulu and Georgia is to Bring Beauty to your Home, what does beauty at home mean to you?

Beauty at home for us reflects the art of living; it encompasses who you are and how you reflect yourself to the world around you. Lighting, indoor plants, scent, art, books, the sound of the ocean and, of course, farm to table food that all bring beauty to your home.

We know it’s hard—but do you have any favorite spaces in the Malibu project? What key elements make that space?

It is absolutely a very difficult question as there are so many; however, we do have a special affinity for the suites overlooking the ocean with our custom made LALA beds!

Interior design trends you're particularly enthusiastic about for upcoming projects/2024?

We love seeing earth tones and deep textures of walnut. Hues of taupe, oatmeal and clay can have a huge impact on a space. It's no secret that LALA loves bold colors in interiors and that will probably never change for us :) We know wicker is trending, we will never not do a space without a small sprinkle of wicker. It has withstood the test of time and trends.

What’s next for you and LALA Reimagined?

As we are wrapping up our first big commercial space, we look forward to new challenges such as a boutique hotel and of course a furniture collaboration is never far from our thoughts.

Interior Design by LALA Reimagined / Architectural Design by Jay Vanos / Photography by Jazmin Monet for Lulu and Georgia