You know those meals where everything is just perfect? The menu is delicious, the playlist is spot-on, and the wine feels never-ending. That ideal kind of dinner party is what inspired our recent trip to Malibu for a night of sheer coastal elegance. We served up fresh seafood and grilled veggies and asked our friends at one of LA’s most prominent wine shops, Vin on Rose, for help on pairing the wines. Read on for their tips on curating the ideal wine list for your next party.

The Marigny "Direct Press Sue Lie" 2022 Pinot Gris
An fruit-forward Oregon wine that pairs well with tinned fish

2021 Petit Chablis
One of this most classic pairings with oysters

Chateau Lestignac Semillon, Michel Michel
A French blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris with powerful flavor that pairs well with tinned fish, especially sardines

Sehnsucht+' Calalta Syrah Sparkling Rosé 2020
A Syrah sparkling Rose to pair with smoked salmon and pickled vegetables