Having friends and family stay with us for the holidays is always the highlight of the holidays. It's a pleasure to welcome loved ones—but it can also present a bit of a dilemma if you don't have a dedicated guest room. Space is at a premium, so you need to make smart, artful choices when curating your home, which allows you to easily transform any space into a comfortable "bedroom" for your guests. We've asked Kelley Mason, our Sr. Manager of Brand Creative and resident stylist, to offer a few tips on how to best welcome and make room for your guests. The first is to provide them with luxe bedding and keep extra linens close by. Next, Kelley recommends using a sleeper sofa as your focal point in the home office or lounge you use as the extra room. Make sure to add a few home comforts to your space, like a soothing scented candle or bedside accents. Lastly, add a couple of chic yet functional finishes, like a welcome basket or florals. This is the latest installment of our seasonal guides, taking you from the dinner table to your bar setup to a complete hosting checklist. Read on for our recommendations, and watch our reels and TikTok videos for more fall entertaining inspiration.

Rust orange, beige, and mustard yellow linen fabrics are layered together.
The camera pans over layers of tan and orange linen bedding.


Luxe Bedding
Have fresh, premium linens ready ahead of the overnight stay. There's nothing more inviting than a plush duvet cover paired with layers of blankets and a lumbar pillow. We love the look of this cream-colored coverlet, rust-red bedcover, and citron linen pillow together—their autumnal tones give a nod to the season. Make sure to store extra linens nearby in a basket, small cabinet, or storage ottoman. Those extra sheets and blankets let your guests make the bed the way they prefer or if they want a little more warmth during the night.


A small linen sofa has a rust orange blanket draped over it and a yellow pillow on it, with two small curved footstools in front of it. The camera pans over a pulled out sofa bed with neutral linen bedding.


Sleeper Sofas
A sleeper sofa provides the best of both worlds in your home office or lounge. It softens up a more functional space and allows you to use the room even when you don't have visitors staying over. Our Lotte Sleeper, in particular, has thick, supersoft cushions all around its shelter-style frame, and it opens up to a queen-sized mattress to let two sleep comfortably. Kelley notes that another favorite element of this piece is its toss-back cushions which can be used as Euro pillows, propping up the rest of your bedding and creating a cozy look.


A pulled out sleeper sofa bed sits in front of a window and has neutral bedding and a round ottoman at the foot of the bed, with a small wooden stool next to the sofa, and a wooden desk to the side. A pulled out sleeper sofa bed with neutral bedding sits in front of a wooden desk and on top of a cream and black checked rug.


Home Comforts
Once your guests are settled in and have a comfortable bed and bedding, it's important to add a few relaxing elements to make them feel even more at home. Use light, versatile accent furniture pieces like an upholstered ottoman or benches. They can work as end-of-bed styles while the bed is made and double as a coffee table during the day. If you have the chance, clear extra space in a cabinet or on a bookcase to allow your guests store a few personal items.


A curved ivory boucle stool sits atop a cream and black check rug and has a two books stacked with a wooden bowl on top. A pulled-out sleeper sofa bed has neutral bedding, sits in front of a window, and has two ivory boucle stools at the foot of the bed.


Functional Finishing Touches 
It's always nice to come into a room with fresh greenery in a vase and a scented candle styled on a side table. A water glass to use during the night, an extra phone charger, and a luggage rack are simple touches that make guests feel like they are being treated and make the room extra inviting. Kelley's last suggestion is to put together a welcome basket filled with a throw, extra toiletries, and a magazine or two.