The weather's turned and it's time to take our get-togethers indoors. You'll want to keep the drinks flowing all season long, so we're here with tips on how to prep your bar for your next gathering. We know everyone’s at-home set-up is different, so we're sharing three looks—for a cart, cabinet, and console table or sideboard—to give you plenty of options. We've asked our resident stylist, Sr. Manager of Brand Creative Kelley Mason, to provide her expertise for each look. The overarching theme to her advice is to first organize your bottles and barware, and then layer on chic tabletop decor to bring a touch of vibrancy and sculptural appeal. Remember, your bar set-up is an important element when hosting this season, so even if it's just one piece, you will want to add an accent that catches the eye. Read below for Kelley's styling tips for each piece, and watch our reels and TikTok videos to see more of our fall entertaining ideas.

Bar Cart

The mobility of a bar cart is what makes it an extremely versatile accent. You can easily move it from room to room as you need fit, between a dining room, living space, or study. We like placing a cart in a spare corner or blank spot in a living room or lounge, where it's easily accessible and not blocked by big furniture. Since bar cart shelves are open, choose your favorite glassware to display, and layer the larger pitchers and decanters in the back with smaller glasses up front. Up top, bring in a floral arrangement to pair with bar tools—something fresh and green always looks nice on a bar cart. Finally, for your next gathering, keep it stocked with citrus, mixers, and snacks like nuts for easy access.

Bar Cabinet

Functionality and organization should be your first thought when decorating a bar cabinet. Similar to bar carts, bar cabinets can seamlessly fit into several places throughout your home. They provide that flexibility with a ton of extra storage, so you can keep all of your entertaining essentials together. Corral loose objects with a tray, line up your glassware, and group your favorite wines and spirits together for a tidy arrangement. Play with height atop your bar cabinet by complementing a table lamp or vase with a personal item or sculptural decor. We also love utilizing wall art as a fun pop of personality behind all your other items. Lean it against the wall to be a conversation piece for anyone reaching in for a drink.

Bar Sideboard

Depending on your space, bringing in a dedicated bar cart or liquor cabinet might not be feasible. If so, it makes sense to convert your existing furniture, like a sideboard or console table, into space for a bar. It's a quick and easy solution for people who don't host often or are maybe expecting a larger crowd. With these larger pieces, you'll have more space to put down plates and serving platters next to your spirits, barware, and glasses. If you have room left, look to incorporate sculptural touches, like a handcrafted bowl. Above, hang an oversized mirror or framed wall art.