Multidisciplinary designer Sarah Sherman Samuel returns with a mirror and wall art capsule. For our latest collaboration, she drew inspiration from the world around her, specifically her West Michigan home and the beach and waters she grew up close to. The large-scale original paintings that serve as the basis for our wall decor were created by Sarah in a moment of transition after moving herself and her family from Los Angeles to Michigan. Living and working amongst the trees afforded her the space (both literally and mentally) to play around with depth, dimension, and abstract forms. The result is two wall art prints featuring playful arrangements that pop off the wall—even with their tonal palettes. Similarly, the organic shapes throughout the line of wall mirrors are inspired by her love of the beach and waves. The repeating rippling found throughout the mirror collection is meant to mimic the ripple of the sand on the ocean or lake shore. It is all meant to convey an ever-elusive, ever-present want for balance while in nature and to evoke that feeling in the pieces themselves. Read much more on this new capsule below, and shop the entire Sarah Sherman Samuel collection.

"The organic shapes throughout the collection are inspired by nature. I grew up by the beach and have lived very close to the ocean or the lake my entire life. So, the ripple motif is really inspired by the lake shore, the ocean, and the seaside." – Sarah Sherman Samuel
Repeating Patterns

Sherman Samuel's first entry into mirrors and wall art was born out of a connection to our bestselling furniture collection. During a previous photo shoot, Jenna, our Creative Director, saw one of the designer's paintings and asked whose it was. Once Sarah confirmed it was her piece, the ball started rolling on bringing this wall capsule to life. The two prints, "A Foothold" and "In Pursuit," reproduce this and another original onto a framed canvas backdrop. To round up the wall capsule, we decided to bring in a line of mirrors. For her interior design projects, Sarah is always on the lookout for mirrors, specifically visually interesting and elevated vanity mirrors. She had noticed available options lacking and jumped at the chance to design a line herself. The mirrors' organic shapes serve as an extension of the furniture collection and rug collections.

Ripple Effect and Creating a Collected Look

As a designer, Sarah constantly looks to the juxtaposition of materiality, texture, and pattern in nature as a source of inspiration when curating grounded, organic spaces or unique products. For these pieces, the intention was to develop a line that complements the designer's existing Lulu and Georgia collections so that you could seamlessly furnish a space with the different collections. So, the free-flowing forms of the Puddle Mirrors sit well with the hand-drawn pattern of the Irregular Grid Rug.
The clearest throughline is the wavy detailing and honey wooden finish of the Ripple Mirror, which mirrors the top of the
Ripple Accent Chair.

"I wanted the mirrors and art to fit well with the furniture and rug collection I already have with Lulu and Georgia. So, there's crossover in similar motifs, like the ripple of the Ripple Chair on one of the mirrors." – Sarah Sherman Samuel

Best Reflection

Sarah's desire to create mirrors that are a bit more unique or have a different sense of style is the primary motivation behind this capsule. The creative process featured a lot of trial-and-error, with endless pencil and paper sketches for every item. Featuring brass, plaster, and wood as the frame's materiality, samples were distilled and refined until these four eye-catching mirrors were finalized. As mentioned, the Ripple Mirror's titular shape offers a signature look. The Rook Mirrors offer oversized proportions, a polished frame, and wave-like detailing in three sizes. The Puddle Mirror's organic, free-curving profile and slim brass frame bring a touch of effortless refinement. The Anastasia Mirror is one of Sarah's favorite pieces, and its ridged plaster frame brings a topographic feel to your space. 

Artful Arrangements

Printed onto a canvas backdrop and finished in a maple floater frame, these two wall art prints reinvent the paintings they are based on. As noted above, Sarah painted the originals as a creative outlet after moving to West Michigan from Los Angeles. It was a way to dive into making something with her hands, and there was no planning ahead of time—just choosing a tonal color palette and layering on paint, seeing what results from that work. The two prints "In Pursuit" and "A Foothold" capture that playfulness and dimension. Black forms burst off the artwork, providing tonal contrast to the muted natural and white hues.

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