First things first, what exactly does the Sarah Sherman Samuel look like? As we noted during our earlier profile of the designer, her gift is creating spaces and pieces that blend a bespoke quality with a sense of playfulness and adaptability. It means drawing from different sources of inspiration—nature, architecture, art—and editing them down to create something entirely new and fun. You can spot her approach in each piece of our Sarah Sherman Samuel x Lulu and Georgia collaboration, from the pattern-playing rugs to instantly iconic furniture to the shape-shifting pillows and wallpaper to this latest wall art and mirrors capsule. 

Knowing what elements make Sarah's design aesthetic special is a little different from being able to complete her look, so we have asked the designer to step in for our latest Styling Series installment. She is here, speaking about how the crossover of motifs between lines helps to set a foundation and includes a few themes to try to recreate. She also notes the importance of layering with small accents like plants, books, and art, as they bring life to a space. Scroll to read all of Sarah's styling advice, and watch our reels and TikTok videos to see her in-person tutorial.

A Minimalist Statement

Sarah here, and I'm excited to share tips on recreating my look with a few of my newest pieces. One thing to keep in mind is that when I'm developing a product line, I view form and function as equally essential. Every piece should be both beautiful and have a purpose in your space. That is why for the first look, I suggest pared-down styling and letting the products make a statement in a space. Take mirrors, for example—I like to include them in in-between areas or ones without much sunlight. Natural light is a non-negotiable for me, I want to get as much in as possible, and mirrors are an excellent tool. A tall, full-length mirror ideally fills a living room or entry corner. When designing more minimal spaces, mirrors are ideal because they obviously just reflect what is in the room and add another layer of visual interest without being too busy. Pair one with a unique accent chair or upholstered bench.

An Eye-Catching Vignette

I'm a big fan of curating several different vignettes in your space. Whether you have an open-concept living room, narrower passageways, or slightly awkward areas, I always look at every space as an opportunity to be made a little more special. If your home features a mantel, make sure to accentuate it. Hang a large mirror above it to brighten up the room and then add on sculptural accents, like the Sanya Metal Vase and Poe Metal Vase. Hallways and corridors are also underrated spaces, often overlooked as an incredible spot for wallpaper, wall art, or an oversized mirror moment. Start with a foundational piece, like a sideboard or console table, and then hang a focal point over it, like our new Puddle Mirror. To complete the look, incorporate trays, books, and candleholders.

Layering with Pattern

I love creating fun, unexpected moments in a home. One way to do that is with accent walls. I think accent walls work best when an architectural detail is highlighted. Think of inset shelves or an arched niche. Wallpaper comes alive when it turns corners and wraps edges, so look to include it on walls that allow you to play with dimension. I love how the Organic Shapes Wallpaper is complemented by the organic forms of the Ripple Mirror and decor pieces on the shelves. Standouts like the Calabria Vase and Canal Vase add sculptural appeal. In a bathroom, look to layer a mirror atop a geometric wallcovering. With either of the Rook or Anastasia mirrors, their distinctive frames offer a stark yet stylish contrast. The other unexpected places to add wallpaper are inside closets or glass display cabinets. Anytime there is a fun reveal involved, it feels extra special.

"I think layering on a few things is essential to every space. One is plants, loads of books, and as much natural light as possible. I think a space isn't finished until there is art, plants, books, and light." – Sarah Sherman Samuel
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