We have designed dozens of collections and photographed countless editorials over the years and along the way we’ve learned a few things. Trends come and go but the principles of what makes a room sing are everlasting. We believe that a beautiful space can enhance your daily life. That being said, home is where life happens so we certainly do not subscribe to the idea of perfection but we want to give you the tools to bring your space to life. Let’s look at getting dressed as a parallel. When you’re putting an outfit together, jeans and a t-shirt are perfectly fine. But once you start to add jewelry, a belt, or a fun pair of shoes, the look changes. The same is true for your home. Once you look beyond the basics, you can create something that not only looks amazing but feels like a true reflection of you.

Balancing Act

Texture is key to a space that feels layered and thoughtful. Make note of what your space is missing. Perhaps you start with a wool rug, linen sofa, and velvet chair. From there, think about the hard textures you’re missing like wood, brass, or stone to bring balance and intrigue.

Properly Lit

Often referred to as the “jewelry” of the room, lighting has the power to transform a space when the lights are on and when they’re off. Keep things dim and opt for lamps and sconces that will make the room feel like a boutique hotel.

Rightfully Wrong

Unexpected items make a home unique. Play around with things that feel “wrong” for the space such as a mini table lamp on the side table or an extra long pillow on the sofa. These experiments with out-of-scale pieces can give your home a custom touch when done thoughtfully.

The Unassuming Corner

A well-curated vignette complete with collected decor, favorite books, fresh florals, or a family photograph adds personality to your home. Take advantage of areas that are often overlooked to create moments that spark joy. We love to use pieces in new ways like a round dining in the living room as a spot to style books or play a game of cards.    

Practice Restraint

Some spaces need very little furniture or decor to make an impact. Let architectural elements like a beautiful window or a fireplace speak for themselves and resist the urge to fill every wall. When in doubt, if you’re feeling like the room is missing something but don’t want to add more furniture, we always love to add a large potted tree to lend a touch of life.  


Pattern Mix

For neutral lovers, “pattern” can sound scary but when done right, mixing patterns can add so much to your home. The key is to vary the scale and design. For example, a large scale checkerboard, a thin stripe, and a dainty floral. For a more neutral look, keep the colors tonal. For something more bold and maximal, play with pops of color to create fresh contrast.