Drew Michael Scott says he's just now finding his voice. Hard to believe from someone who's already made such an impact in interior design—but if he's found it, we're listening. In a few short years, he's gone from showing how to transform your space with DIY projects to proving himself as an established presence with a signature touch. With Lone Fox, Drew brought his taste to an online storefront where you can shop everything from stationery to serveware—and now he's transforming his Spanish-style residence into his own curated world. We went inside his Los Angeles home to see what he is doing with the keys to a kingdom and free reign inside. We also talked about how he got his start, how to incorporate trends while keeping things timeless, and borrowed some tips for creating captivating spaces.

You started interior designing and DIY-ing as a creative outlet. Was there a specific moment that clarified to you that you wanted to pursue interiors professionally?

Moving into my own apartment in Downtown Los Angeles and having the ability to decorate however I wanted really made me interested in home decor. I moved into the most charming loft apartment with exposed brick that inspired me and made me excited to decorate. At the time, I was a college student so being creative and doing cost-effective DIYs was something I did to get that “trendy decor” look for a fraction of the price. As my channel started to build, my DIYs turned into room makeovers, and then those room makeovers turned into house makeovers.

Congratulations on your recent move. Could you share the design aesthetic and overall ambiance you aim to capture in your new home?

Keeping integrity throughout my Spanish-style home is super important to me. I love mixing old with new, so I love adding antique decor elements with modern furniture pieces. This was the first time I was able to fully renovate and design rooms however I wanted. It’s been such a fun process to have complete creative freedom and let my imagination run wild!  

The world of DIY projects often involves blending personal creativity with cherished discoveries. How do your LG home goods play a role in inspiring or complementing your DIY ventures?

Finding unique furniture is always my first step in a room makeover. I love the variety Lulu + Georgia offers—on-trend but still timeless, which is an important factor when I select furniture. The quality of these pieces is incredible, which makes using them such a pleasure.

When visitors step into your home, what emotions or impressions do you hope your interiors evoke?

I want them to feel transported into the world of Lone Fox! My own little castle of collected treasures, with each room being different but still all tied together. Whenever I have guests over, everyone always wants to explore and find a new element they didn’t see or notice the previous time they were over.  

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Our mission at Lulu and Georgia is to bring beauty home; what does beauty at home mean to you?

I think it’s about creating an environment that mixes comfort and inspiration. I want to live in a space that I truly enjoy and feel inspired in. Having a home that reflects my design journey and tells a story.

Navigating trends can involve infusing your own distinctive style. How do you approach putting your unique spin on trends? Additionally, how do you decide when to embrace a trend and when to let it fade?

My design style is constantly evolving. It wasn’t until this past year that I felt like I truly found my personal style. I would say my style is eclectic, with a mix of old and new. I am constantly updating rooms, and I love change. I’m someone who embraces trends, but at the same time, once I get tired of something, I’ll do a refresh and redecorate. Whether it’s swapping rugs around, switching out décor, or painting, I try to stick with trends that coordinate with my personal style versus incorporating pieces just because they are “trendy."

We love how you created vignettes in the open-concept living space. Any advice for those looking to update their own spaces?

When I design a room, I think of ways to create different vignettes within a singular space. Whether that be a bookcase/shelf moment, a little seating area with a side table, a main seating area, etc. I want each room to have different corners to make your eyes wander. 

What are your three tips for transitioning your space into the new fall season? 

I love buying new candles for every season, and fall scents just happen to be my favorite. There’s nothing like watching your favorite movie or TV show with an amazing-smelling candle burning on the coffee table or in your room. It really sets the vibe and gives all the Fall feels. I also tend to switch up my pillows + throw blankets to cozier, lush fabrics and rich colors for Fall. In the summer, I opt for lighter weight and lighter blends. I like going to the pumpkin patch or even grocery store and getting pumpkins to add throughout. If you’re not a huge fan of the traditional seasonal decor, incorporate more wood tones and rustic elements.

What’s next for you and Lone Fox Home? 

Completing the upstairs portion of my home! I hope to have it completed by January and then start on the lower portion. I have a few exciting projects in the works that I can’t speak about just yet, but I’m really excited about them! 


Current album on repeat?

Beyonce, Renaissance!! It was my most listened album on Spotify. 

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee, I drink Starbucks every morning!

Dream collaboration?

My own furniture line! It's something that I’ve been manifesting for a while.

LA Restaurant you can’t get enough of?

Met Her At A Bar, I’m there all the time, and they have such good pasta!

Favorite room in your home?

This is such a hard question; every time I do a new makeover, it changes. I would have to say my living room or Marie’s bedroom makeover!












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Photography and Video provided by Lone Fox Home, Drew Michael Scott