“I want the spaces I design to feel layered, elevated, and cozy with a good dose of colour.” - Ginny Macdonald

We’ve been working with designer Ginny Macdonald for years. Ginny’s designs combine her British heritage with her California lifestyle which makes for spaces that are comfortable, warm, and tailored. We launched our first collection with Ginny back in 2020 and have been working on expanding it ever since. The original spark for the collaboration came when Ginny was helping our founder design her home. The two collaborated on several custom pieces for the space that turned out so lovely, we knew they needed to be available on our website. The new additions to Ginny’s line include expanded colorways, new silhouettes, and the addition of wooden accent furniture. The beauty of this collection is in the care to details that Ginny always takes when designing. From the curved back on the Belmont Sofa to the turned leg detailing on the wooden forms, Ginny’s impeccable taste and restraint shows in each piece. The upholstery is offered in several linen and velvet colors so that you can choose a combination that suits your home best. Above all else, this collection is as comfortable as it is beautiful, which is always the mark of brilliant design.



Ginny's Standout: Topia Side Table

“I love the fact that you can really see the topiary inspired details on the legs, the rounded edge on the top and low shelf which is handy for added storage.”



Ginny's Standout: Rivington Chaise

“As an extension to the existing Rivington sofa the new roll-arm chaise has been designed with a beautiful rounded end which is a nice contrast to the squared off back. This piece looks good from all angles and can be positioned floating in the middle of a room or tucked into a cosy corner.”



Ginny's Standout: Topia Sideboard

"The versatility of this sideboard is what sets it apart from the other pieces. It can be used as a media unit in a living room or a buffet cabinet in a dining room. The different types of storage from the drawers to the open shelves allows this piece to be styled out in a decorative way but also has places to hide away clutter."