Holly Liss Jammet has been behind the curtain of some of the most talked about brands including goop, Theory, and sweetgreen. As founder and CEO of the social media strategy and content agency ENLISST, she has helped bring voice to the timeless and daring across fashion, beauty, interior design, and more. Holly’s Los Angeles home which she shares with her husband and two children, reflects a masterful curation where new and old sit together and use of intentional color brings the space to life. Each room feels cozy and warm yet uncluttered, allowing the carefully curated pieces to speak for themselves. We talked to Holly about finding inspiration, her constant curating, and blurring the line between fashion and interior design.

You live in LA with your husband and two babies in an eclectic, traditional California home. How would you describe your home's aesthetic?

We love the juxtaposition of old and new and filling our home with pieces that tell a story and evoke a feeling. We collect everything from rare vintage furniture to up-and-coming artists to family heirlooms from France. It’s the mix of the unexpected that creates balance for us. 

Did you have any specific sources of inspiration for your home design—another space you’ve loved, a designer, place, or era you feel connected to?

The late Gaetano Pesce is a designer I deeply admire and am inspired by. I was lucky enough to meet him and visit his studio. I was blown away by his breadth of work and how each piece had its own wink. You got a peek into his fun, creative, and beautiful mind!

What drew you to the specific L+G pieces in your den? Can you talk about curating this color story and the importance of textures?

I wanted the den to feel like a big cozy hug—a place where you can really sink in and have great conversations. The softness and dark, rich color of Jake Arnold’s Chiltern Rug in Moss did just that! Then, I wanted the couch to really pop off the rug, so the Niven sofa in flax linen weave was the perfect fit. I also love that the seat of the couch is one long pillow that doesn’t slip when multiple people are lounging.

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Your home has a gallery-like quality with stunning design elements. What are some of your favorite pieces in your living room? 

The De Sede DS 600 couch is the anchor to our living room. It’s one of those pieces that makes a space and creates a whole vibe.

Walk us through your styling process—does it differ between fashion and interiors? 

There is definitely a similar language! The mix of vintage and new, pops of colors, volume and softness, structure and flow. Adding that little something to give a look or space that edge. 

How do you refresh your space for the spring/early summer? What are your three tips for transitioning your space into the new spring season? 

I’m constantly refreshing the space and moving pieces all around the house, no matter the season. It’s one of our favorite pastimes. Simple things like changing the placement of a table, refreshing a rug, switching art out on the walls, or moving chairs from another room can shift the energy of a space! We joke with our interior designer, Maria Matis of Matis Creative that it’s a rotating showroom every time she comes over.

What’s one tip for entertainers at home aspiring to bring Chez Julien to their dinner tables? 

Bring your travels home with you and have it inspire your dinner tables. Chez Julien was inspired by a great meal we had at La Colombe d’Or in France.

At Lulu and Georgia, we’re all about bringing beauty home. What does beauty at home mean to you?

Beauty at home is long summer dinners with friends and family, where the candles are dripping wax, martinis are crisp, the playlist is on point, and hearts and bellies are full.