A few weeks back we ventured to Venice to spend the afternoon with Holly Liss, Holly is the owner of Enlisst, a social media consulting firm with a client list that includes some of LA’s coolest brands. Holly is the kind of person you instantly want to tell you all her secrets. Where is that art from? Where do you get your hair done? How do I make that salad you posted on Instagram? When we arrived to her house we instantly felt at home. High ceilings, modern art, and lots of books grace the space giving it an airy, yet cozy feel. Holly’s home is just like her fashion sense - filled with color, unexpected, and artful. Read on for her tips on stepping up your IG game, how she’s staying busy during all this time at home and what she’s inspired by right now.

You are the founder and CEO of ENLISST, a social media consulting agency. Tell us what the road looked like to get there.

My fascination with new media and how it influences the way we communicate, started back when I was a teen and Friendster was the hot new social network. I was always an early adopter and when I graduated from UCLA in 2009 and moved to New York, one of my first jobs out of college was at Helmut Lang. It was a mix of right time and right boss, who saw I had a knack for digital. She gave me the opportunity to build the brand’s social presence and over the course of almost 5 years there, my role evolved from driving the launch of their first e-commerce shop to managing the live streaming of the runway show. Then, I moved back to my hometown Los Angeles, after landing the job at goop as their first-ever social director. From there I started my own social media consulting business, Enlisst and one of my first clients was The Infatuation. I ended up going back in-house with them and during our time together we scaled to 28 social channels and I had built a global social team. After working in both corporate and start-up environments, I was ready to go back to Enlisst full-time and focus my efforts on strategic social storytelling, specifically working with mission-based brands and businesses I believe in.

You live in Venice in LA with your husband in an eclectic meets beachy, California home. How would you describe your personal home aesthetic?

Cool, chic and cozy.

What are you doing during this time of self-isolation to stay inspired and upbeat?

Diving deep into cookbooks! I’m currently crushing Alison Roman’s - Dining In and it is COVERED in post-it notes at the moment. Her recipes are simple, healthy-ish, and exactly how I want to be eating right now.

What are your top tips for people who are looking to step up their social media game?

Define your voice, how you want to show up visually on the platform, lean into your key brand differentiators, and listen to your community. Most importantly, always think about “the why” behind each post and story. Ask yourself - why am I posting this? why should my audience care? If your answers to these questions sit well with you and feel authentic to the brand you’re building - then go live!

Your home is full of beautiful artwork and pieces. What are your tips for choosing artwork?

Go with your gut when it comes to art. There are no rules! Whatever you’re drawn to and gives you joy should help guide your choices.

What are some things that you feel are essential to have in a home and why?

Besides having a dog, my mind goes straight to the kitchen essentials. Flaky sea salt, really good olive oil, a chef’s knife, and a zester. Most dishes we make at home always require these tools and ingredients!

Now, more than ever, home is a place of comfort and peace. What are some things you do to bring serenity to your home?

Opening the windows to let that fresh beachy air in, burning some palo santo, and keeping tidy. Zen to me is everything in its right place.

You travel often! What are a few of the most memorable places you have been?

Tokyo, Mallorca, Paris, Hokkaido, and Vinh Hy, Vietnam.

What is next for you and your business?

Expanding my workshops!