We want to help you create moments of magic all over your home this holiday—from your dinner table to your entry to your living room. One of those spaces where it may be hard to find inspiration to decorate well is your mantel. Mantels are often left unadorned or decorated with whatever trim left over, so we want to share a few styling options to create a beautiful and festive vignette. That's why we've recruited Kelley, our resident stylist and Manager of Content + Creative, for a lesson in styling your mantel this season. She shares three ways, from a traditional Christmas feel to a bright Hanukkah look to a more pared-down approach. The key to the first look is to use the palette of reds, greens, and gold and touches of wooden accents for tons of timeless appeal. Minimal styling and bright accents, such as your menorah or plenty of candlelight, are central to the second look. The third approach is perfect for adding a bit of warmth and cheer to their homes without going all out. Read on for all of our styling tips.


Timeless Christmas Cheer

Style your mantel with a eucalyptus wreath, garland, and textural stockings for a look that displays all the hallmarks of a traditional Christmas celebration. We suggest placing your Christmas tree next to your mantel to draw all eyes to this space. Deck out your tree with wooden and vintage-inspired ornaments, and add a star atop. Keep the rest of the decor simple, with lit taper candles, chic match strikers, and decorative accents on the coffee table. Drape beaded garland across the greenery or place it into a low bowl to give the coffee table a more festive vibe. Whether you're celebrating with housemates, your partner, or your entire family—including the little ones—this style is meant to help you carry on the tradition.



Light-Filled Festivities

For your Hanukkah celebrations this year, we love going with a minimal and bright approach. Your menorah should take center stage, whether on your mantel or in the traditional spot atop a windowsill. If you do choose to style it atop your mantel, drape a hand-cut garland in front of your streamlined menorah. We suggest this olive branch version for its historical attachment to the holiday and its crisp, fresh touch. Complement it with a coordinating wreath to tie the look together. Add a final touch with a simple, wintery white floral display in a vintage-inspired vase to keep the coffee table feeling festive yet understated. 

Hint of Holiday

This final look celebrates the notion that cozy can still feel cheery, and minimal can be merry this season. You can bring so much warmth to your home and your mantel with just a few small moments and create a chic, pared-down look. The way to go about it is to remove a few traditional decorations, like your full-size Christmas tree and wreaths. Look to swap your wall artwork with a metal wall hanging. Its abstract design doesn't lean too heavily into the seasonal decor, but a gold finish still feels cheerful and bright. For a final touch, add a holiday or winter-scented candle to your coffee table or side table for another small holiday moment.