Interior designer Jake Arnold has an unwavering philosophy when curating his bold, dramatic, yet highly liveable spaces. He explains he has "one rule: Start with a rug. It's the most important part of the room." The Los Angeles-based British designer is an industry standard bearer, celebrated for his high-impact spaces and enormous attention to detail, purpose, and mood. His firm, Studio Jake Arnold, has a host of prestigious clients; he was named one of Architectural Digest's 'AD100' design talents; and is co-founder of the digital platform The Expert, which connects high-profile designers with clients via online consultations. That distinctive approach is one of the many reasons we are excited to introduce our long-awaited collaboration with Jake—a capsule of seven luxe, tactile, and organic rugs.

The designer experiments with materiality, texture, and rich earthy colors for this collection by integrating different inspirations and looks. Jake and his team were hands-on throughout, initially pulling a selection of textiles and fabrics and then collaborating with us on incorporating scale, variation, and depth into the designs. He notes, "This collection is comprised of wool, linen, jute, and viscose rugs—each having its own distinct texture and mood." The intention was to find a balance in creating something for everyone while ensuring one customer could use each style in the same home. That's reflected in how each is incredibly unique, but all the rugs can be layered together. "I really want people to feel like when they walk into their home, it's very inviting and a space that feels elevated, design-forward, but very livable." 

Named after people and places that are special to Jake, all seven rugs are distinctive, so we want to spend some time highlighting each piece. Our Sr. Director of Product, Anat Aharoni, describes these heirloom-quality styles as "sultry, laid-back, while still being luxurious," and as such, they will need unique care to make sure they last. Get to know each of the seven designs below and shop the entire Jake Arnold rug collection now.

"I enjoy the sensation of walking into a space that feels warm, inviting, and relaxed. All the rugs were born out of the idea of feeling elevated and understated in everyday living.
The Harper Rug

The Harper Rug is lovingly named after Jake's goddaughter because, as the designer explains, "it is light and airy as her laugh." It was inspired in part by a visit to a rattan design studio and workshop in Provence. Handwoven from natural jute fibers, it features a subtly raised grid pattern to offer a distinctive look to traditional braided jute designs. The Harper is durable and suited for high-traffic areas like a lounge or kitchen. Jake suggests mixing and matching it with other textural pieces, like a velvet accent pillow or a stone coffee table.

The Chiltern Rug

The Chiltern Rug brings tons of rich color and variation to a space with its three distinct neutral tones. Neutrals and shades of brown have become a signature of Studio Jake Arnold. In deep moss, sandy mauve, and copper brown, the hand-knotted viscose fibers of this tailored, monochromatic color create dimensional color and a beautiful sheen underfoot. The plush pile of the Chiltern makes any space feel warm, inviting, and comfortable and draws the eye to the center point of the room. Jake notes that due to its construction, this style works best in lower-traffic spaces like a formal living room, bedroom, or home office.

The Woburn Rug

The Woburn Rug is an homage to the interior designer's upbringing, as it is named after the road he grew up on in England. The name also reminds him of his "mum and her designer's sensibility," which he credits as a huge influence. Handwoven from wool, this design sticks to his studio's key principles of warmth and comfort. It plays with tonal shades and a color-blocked design to create a refined foundation for a space. As Anat states, the Woburn and Wilcox "really embody Jake's sophisticated aesthetic" with their beautiful texture, mix of colors, and adaptability to everyday spaces in a home.

The Rangely Rug

The Rangely Rug comes in two sizes, a smaller 2' x 4' footprint and a runner rug size. This is an ultra-modern accent for your home, which is hand-knotted entirely from lustrous viscose fibers and features a striking organic shape. Its saturated chocolate brown palette instantly grounds a space, adding warmth and serving as an inviting complement to a range of different wood finishes. The Rangely's plush pile feels at once sophisticated and cozy, and with its viscose construction, it works best in more formal gathering spaces, like a sitting room, study, or in your bedroom.

The Wilcox Rug

The Wilcox Rug brings stunning visual and textural contrast to your space with its eye-catching accent fringe and two-toned design. Handwoven entirely from wool, its central stripe is in heathered beige hues and then accentuated by that generous fringe detailing for plenty of natural fiber appeal. As with most of Jake and his team's designs, the Wilcox leans on texture to allow that element to do the talking. This piece is incredibly versatile and durable, able to sit in a bedroom, living space, or more informal dining area.

The Beachwood Rug

The Beachwood Rug's abstract graphic pattern offers a modern, stylish edge to its minimalist construction. The flatwoven design is handcrafted entirely from line to provide a casual yet soft hand, and then it's woven with added texture in an effort, as Jake notes, to create more depth and dimension. In a light natural shade to mirror the washed-out effect its name evokes, the Beachwood is a versatile accent that anchors and complements a lighter neutral-hued space or serves as a stark, visually interesting contrast to darker furniture and decorative accent finishes.

The Havenhearst Rug

The Havenhurst Rug is an organic statement maker with its large-scale diamond pattern made from braided jute spirals. The interior designer explains, "For me, good design is about using timeless materials in new ways," and the Havenhurst really showcases Jake's philosophy. It's a stunning, tactile addition that, due to its flatweave jute construction, works best in a more laid-back, high-traffic communal space, like a lounge, sunroom, dining area, or entryway. Much like the rest of the capsule, this rug is meant to serve as a foundation and platform for the customer's home and make them feel as though they "can create a designer-touched space themselves."