Our  6 Spring Editorial Standouts

"In creating this collection, we wanted to emulate the softness of Art Deco shapes blended with a 1980s edge. The collection highlights materials such as natural travertine, combined with peroxide ash, and light honey oak finishes, fabrics include velvets, bouclé, and natural colors in luxe materials. In the rugs, soft viscose and plush wool in patterns that play.” – Anat Aharoni, Director of Product

Stunning contrasts define our newly launched Spring Collection, creating lushly curated spaces that elevate the look of your home. As you explore the line, we wanted to help provide more detail and a bit of styling inspiration on a few of our favorite pieces and trends. We want these products to enrich your home, whether it is to layer in the soft color palettes of our new rugs or transform your living room with a curved sofa. Also, we want to shine a spotlight on the luxe materiality found throughout—think bouclé, light woods, velvets, and natural stone, like marble and travertine. We are feeling grateful and appreciative seeing how much you love this collection, read on for how to best style these standouts.


With its cozy, homespun charm, this fabric brings cozy appeal to even the most modern and sculptural of designs. Incredibly textural, its looped construction softens and adds dimension to a piece. Whether wrapped around the curved wishbone frame of the Celeste Accent Chair, streamlined Tate Bench, or architectural form of the Zaha Sofa, bouclé layers in such rich character and warmth. In off-white hues, these upholstered seating are inviting, tactile neutral backdrops.

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Soft Color Palettes

A rug often serves as the grounding influence in your space, drawing other elements in a room together. We love that the softer, inviting hues of our spring rugs bring such warmth, turning any room into a meditative and serene locale. This Dylan Rug is hand-knotted from viscose yarns that shimmer as light moves across its pile. Available in hazy gray, muted ivory, and pastel dusk shades, this area rug is a plush accent for a bedroom or living room.

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Light Woods

Our minimalist approach for this new collection incorporates pared-down styling and muted color palettes. So, we love that these lighter wood shades create sleek, tonal looks. The peroxide ash finish of both the Dame Dining Chair and the Anders Accent Chair chicly complements their tactile performance fabric in ivory. In a light honey finish, the striking curved silhouette of the solid oak Kono Dresser generates a lot of visual interest. All three items sit back well to refined neutrals.

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Curved Silhouettes

This line is full of arched and architectural designs meant to wrap around you for luxe comfort. The Moreau Chaise, with its matte cradle base, plush seating, and textural performance fabric, seamlessly adapts to your needs and home. The velvet upholstery of this Weiss Accent Chair in moody gray provides rich, lustrous contrast to warmer neutrals, like the swooping Diego Sofa. These bold frames offer so much character and make your space singularly unique.

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Sculptural Décor

Dynamic touches like vases, décor objects, and lighting lend fresh yet polished appeal. A glossy white finish combines well with the organic shapes of this set of Regina Andrew Blossom Vases, making them stand-out yet tonal works that pair up well with the collection palette. For more dramatic contrast to the rest of our pieces, we love both the June Arched Vase, with its rich terracotta color and archway design, or the SIN Doline Vase, for its winding form and speckled finish. These handcrafted vases are the perfect way to finish decorating your home.

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Its fibrous, marble-like texture and warmer earth-tone hues make the natural stone an ideal fit for our spring collection. Travertine strikingly contrasts plush and lighter pieces, and we love these new pieces' mixed materiality. For both the Kimora Square Coffee Table and Marin Oval Coffee Table, an angular ash veneer base beautifully balances the heavy stone tabletop. In the dining room, the minimalist Embrey Dining Table chicly offsets its natural stone legs with a slim-lined, rounded-edge top.

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