We at Lulu and Georgia are all about savoring every bit of the summer. We're looking to make the most of the season, indoors and out. That means friendly brunches, long days in the sun and by a pool, and sunset dinners in the backyard or on the terrace. Make those times a little livelier with a refreshing summer cocktail (or mocktail). We have done our research—so you don't have to—and we want to share five of our favorite new recipes for you to try this season. These drinks are a mixture of spicy, sweet, tart, and bubbly, and perfect for your next gathering or just to sip on at home. An inspired twist on the classic Paloma, this Aperol Paloma adds a bit of orange zest and bitters. Pair it with a lofty wine glass to show off its rich color. We picked up this Melon and Honey Sangria recipe from our friend, @bevsbybeverly, and the richness of flavors and the crispness of the Sauvignon Blanc make for a bold yet refreshing white sangria. The fluted glass tumblers and seagrass-wrapped Shelly Pitcher add plenty of visual and textural impact. Served in our uniquely detailed Rian Ripple Wine Glasses, this Lemonade Summer cocktail adds citrusy and aromatic notes to freshly made lemonade. In the mood for a non-alcoholic drink but still want a festive look? Dress up our Summer Mocktail with lemon zest and the jewel-toned appeal of our Estelle Stemware. Finally, for another reinvention of a classic, try our Elderflower Old Fashioned. Served in our fluted champagne coupes, it's floral, sweet, and thoroughly refreshing. Scroll down for all our seasonal drinks and watch our reels and on TikTok for more summertime inspiration.

A modern grand cru wine glass holds an Aperol Paloma cocktail, flanked with sliced and whole limes.

Aperol Paloma Cocktail

2 oz. tequila (or mezcal)

Grapefruit seltzer (or juice)

1 oz. Aperol

1/2 oz. grapefruit bitters

1/2 oz. lime juice

Top off with more seltzer 

Stir well

Garnish with a lime wedge

Ripple glasses and a rattan-wrapped glass pitcher hold melon and honey sangria. A woman's hand reaches for one of the glasses.

Melon and Honey Sangria by @bevsbybeverly



1 sliced lemon

1 sliced lime

2 oz. honey

3 oz. Grand Marnier

1 bottle Sauvignon Blanc

Chill for a minimum of 3 hours

Serve with sparkling water and a mint sprig


Ripple wine glasses hold a lemonade summer cocktail. The glass sits upon a wooden board and is flanked by orange slices.

Lemonade Summer Cocktail

1 oz. gin

2 oz. fresh lemonade

1/2 oz. cardamom bitters

Top off with soda water

Stir well

Garnish with an orange wedge and a mint sprig


A blush Estelle wine glass holds a summer mocktail. The glass sists next to a bottle of AMASS Riverine and a plate with mint and lemon wedges.

Summer Mocktail

2 oz. AMASS Riverine (or another distilled non-alcoholic spirit)

Tonic to top off 

1⁄2 oz. lemon juice

Garnish with a strip of lemon zest


A rippled champagne coupe holds an elderflower old fashioned cocktail. The glass sits atop a wooden serving board and is garnished with blueberries.

Elderflower Old Fashioned Cocktail

2 1⁄2 oz. bourbon

1⁄2 oz. St-Germain® Elderflower Liqueur

2–3 dashes of Angostura bitters

Top this off with some champagne 

Garnish with a strip of lemon zest and elderflower



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