To our Lulu and Georgia Community,

We are heartbroken and outraged by the events of the past few weeks and all the acts of systemic racism that plague our country. We stand in solidarity with the Black community and those fighting for justice and equality. This is a powerful moment in history and we are ready for change. We addressed the actions we are taking last week on social media but we wanted to leave a more permanent message here as well. We know our platform can be used as a tool in this fight for equality and plan to use it as such.

Inclusive hiring has and always will be a priority at Lulu and Georgia, but we recognize that diversity has not been reflected in the larger community of partners and associated brands with whom we work. We’re creating an inclusive partnership program with our influencer network and our licensees. We are also committing to carrying Black-owned brands on our site and partnering with Black-owned brands for cross-brand campaigns.

We’re inspired by the protestors, the educators, the artists, the writers, and all of the individuals who are coming together taking accountability and working to correct injustices.

In addition to the long term changes we are making, we have and will continue to make donations to the below organizations:

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Campaign Zero

The Loveland Foundation

Black Girls Code

Innocence Project

Moving forward with love and action,

xx, Lulu and Georgia

Photography by @yakooza