We're leaning into a new color story this spring season: new neutrals. Earthy greens, grays, blues, and reds stand out on their own, but when paired together, they create this rich, tonal mosaic perfect for layering all throughout your home. We wanted to expand our wall art collection with pieces that reflected this color story and aesthetic. Lulu and Georgia's Buyer for Walls, Kristen Zeldin, began partnering with Visual Contrast, a Los Angeles-based art and design studio. Led by founder Jeff Hughes and featuring a deep and diverse community of artists, Visual Contrast produces limited-edition runs of high-quality wall art. Its mission is to offer customers access to bespoke, high-end art without the intimidation or inaccessible pricing of the art gallery world.

For us, Visual Contrast has produced this Neutral Abstract series of one-of-a-kind wall art paintings. Creating the fifty painting capsule is done through the collective effort of the team of artists at the studio. As with all of their design projects, each artist adds their own unique perspective and skillset to the creative process, resulting in well-curated and thoughtfully edited lines. The studio's driving force is to bring art into the world that feels unique, timeless, handmade, yet still meant to be lived with—whether in your home or office or another distinctly personal space. As you can see with this Neutral Abstract series, there remains a playfulness to all the beautiful handcraft. Visual Contrast's team reasons that it is due to the experimental process of multiple artists working together as a team. We had the pleasure of stopping by their Los Angeles studio to see how this capsule was made. After starting with sourcing raw canvas and Belgian linen from the fabric district in DTLA, Jeff and his team allowed us to see their process, from color selection to silkscreening to floating a piece in a maple frame. Read on below to see the whole process.

"I love that they support emerging artists as their goal as a collective, and they are so innovative and creative with what substrates and mediums they use in the artwork"
- Kristen, Buyer, Walls for Lulu and Georgia

1. Color selection
After conversations with Kristen, our Walls Buyer, the Visual Contrast team selected a range of neutral colors with earth tones inspired by nature and travel, all while considering Lulu and Georgia's warm, inviting aesthetic.

2. Pour and blend gradient
All of the inks and paints used to create the series were custom-made in-house at Visual Contrast. "We never feel satisfied with the options you can purchase 'off the rack,' which always feel very limiting."

3. Silkscreen print them
A combination of silkscreening, dyeing, and traditional painting techniques were used to create the series.

4. Drops for speckle
Each piece is original and one of a kind. As each artist completes each artwork, methods for adding more color result in subtle yet beautiful variations from piece to piece.

5. Stretching canvas
Each wall art painting is stretched over a light wood frame and stapled on the back to leave it firmly in place.

6. Put canvas in the frame
Finally, Visual Contrast floats each work within handmade maple frames. The intention is to provide a clean and subtle finish to the overall composition.

7. Canvas on the table
The final result is a series of one-of-a-kind wall art paintings that play with size, scale, texture, and earth tones.