NEAT Method is here to help sort out all the madness of your home life. A luxury home organizing company whose mission is to take spaces from chaotic to composed, each NEAT experience features an in-home consultation and individualized plan for you and your space. The company also offers a collection of versatile and chic functional accessories to help bring order to every room in your home. To celebrate the launch of NEAT Method jars, bins, baskets, and labels on our site, we made a recent visit to the home of their Director of Partnerships + Marketing, Hannah Goetz. At Hannah's and her family's Nashville home, we see the benefits of living the NEAT life up close. Touring through a few spaces—the master bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the mudroom—we can see how these pieces are layered into a room and work to elevate it. In her and her husband's bedroom, NEAT cane bins provide extra storage in our Marjorie Curio Sideboard and Luna Nightstands. In her kitchen, Hannah utilizes glass jars, plus grid baskets and label holders to keep spices, coffee, and other frequently used goods within reach of the stove. A minimally styled bathroom lets a stunning soak tub take center stage and features only the essentials next to it, a full-length mirror, a side table, and a bin to hold extra towels. Finally in the mudroom, we see labeled baskets and designated zones keep things under control. Read on to see our full tour of Hannah's home and read our interview with her, where she offers a few organizing and styling tips. And shop the full NEAT Method capsule here.

NEAT Method's Hannah Goetz smiles while wearing a blue and white striped shirt and white earrings.

Happy New Year! You've had such a busy past year—between moving to Nashville and joining NEAT Method's corporate team as Director of Partnerships + Marketing. Tell us a bit about those experiences. 

This last year has definitely been a whirlwind, to say the least. A new role at NEAT, building a house, a cross country move, three kids in a new school, and my husband and I both still working from home have all proven that patience, a positive attitude, and adaptability are all key components for big life changes!

What has it been like moving into and renovating a new house during a pandemic? What was your vision for you and your family's home? 

The process of building a home in Nashville while still living in California, in the midst of a pandemic, taught me how to let go of my type-A tendencies and just go with the flow. We only went to check in on the progress of our new home three times during the entire build, so I had to trust our vision of a functional, classic yet modern home was going to come together, which it luckily did!

How helpful was having NEAT Method, a luxury home organizing brand, as a resource during this entire process? 

I used to own the NEAT SF East Bay market before joining NEAT's corporate team, so I was thrilled to get the chance to get to organize again when we moved in. The hardest part was deciding which NEAT products to implement because they are all so amazing!


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A white kitchen cabinet and drawer open to reveal storage. The drawer has a spice rack with labeled bottles of spices laying down and the cabinet has containers and wire bins full of food.
A white kitchen cabinet drawer is open, revealing rows of labeled cooking herbs and spices laying flat in glass jars.


Now that you're all settled in, what do you love most about your home? What are the elements that bring you and your family the most joy? 

Since we live out in the county, about 20 minutes from the nearest grocery store, our walk-in pantry is definitely one of my favorite features. It's filled with NEAT products that make it super functional, and it looks pretty enough to always keep the door open. We also love the open feeling of our everyday living space—our kitchen, dining room, and living room are all combined together, and they all flow right out to our covered back patio. Our neighborhood is full of fun families, and we don't really have fences, so we love the ease of indoor/outdoor entertaining that our space provides. 


A classic bedroom design with a tall white upholstered bedframe with white and ivory bedding and gray and black striped throw pillows. A crystal chandelier hangs over the bed and a black nightstand with a white lamp, a small vase with flowers and a woven box sits next to the bed.
A bare bedroom with a white upholstered bedframe and black nightstand flips to include white and ivory bed linens with black and gray striped throw pillows, a black nightstand with a white lamp, small vase with flowers and a woven box, and a landscape painting over the bed.


We loved partnering with you on styling a few spaces in your home. What was your inspiration for choosing these Lulu and Georgia pieces for your bedroom? 

I am a fan of sticking with neutral colors for furniture pieces and adding a splash of soft color with accessories and art. Our bedroom is very light and bright with high ceilings and a white upholstered bed, so I wanted to ground the space with some darker furniture pieces that would add some contrast. I chose a black sideboard table with glass doors that is both beautiful and functional—NEAT baskets fit perfectly for extra blanket storage, and I can also display some favorite Lulu and Georgia decor items. The black nightstands I went with have an open shelf where I can store extra books in a basket for easy access and have a classic feel with clean lines that balances out the room. 

Personal touches certainly make a room. Could you tell us about your favorite pieces in your bedroom and how you've incorporated them within the space? 

We pretty much started this room with a blank slate since we moved all of our furniture from our old bedroom to our new guest room. However, we did incorporate a few sentimental pieces, such as a hand-stitched quilt we received as a wedding gift and a pinstripe chair from our prior family room. I love combining vintage and modern styles, and the gold mirror and landscape oil painting along with the block boat print and textured pillows brought these elements all together.  

Would you mind walking us through your organization process in your kitchen—including maybe a couple of tips for people wanting to recreate its look? 

NEAT's process for organizing can be applied to any space in your home. First, take everything out and bring it all out in the open where you can see it. Next, start to sort through each of your items and determine which to sell, donate, recycle, throw away and keep (we suggest doing this step before your move). Give any cabinets, shelves, or drawers a good wipe-down while empty. Once you are left with the items you are keeping, sort them into categories and determine the zones of the room where your items will "live." Keep your most frequently used items in easy to reach placesspices, cooking utensils, pots, and pans near the stove, store dishes, glasses, silverware near the dishwasher, and food storage near the refrigerator. Once you have your categories and zones figured out, measure your space for organizing products to keep your categories separated. I created a cohesive look in my kitchen using black spice jars, grid baskets, and label holders and tied in acacia wood with the grays basket liner and glass canister lids. Don't forget to add labels so everyone in your household knows where to put items away.


A free standing bathtub image flips to include a tall arched gold framed mirror, hanging white towels, a small round table with a decorative accessories on it and a small box holding white towels. A free standing bathtub sits below a window and has a free-standing gold faucet. A small round table with black legs and a white top hold bath salts. Two white towels hang to the side.


Your bathroom is stunning! From the soaking tub and amazing natural light to the French doors and minimal styling, care to share how you decided on more minimal styling?

Living the NEAT life definitely revolves around a "less is more" philosophy. I was so excited to finally have a bathroom with an actual bathtub, so I wanted to highlight it as the main focus and layer in a few neutral accents to give a tranquil spa-like feel to the space. 

Especially with kids, it's easy for a mudroom to quickly become a pile of things, like jackets and shoes. Any tips for someone hoping to keep their mudroom tidy and clean? 

A mudroom can become a catchall space, and items can quickly pile up in no time. We suggest dividing the room into zones and designating specific areas for each family member's items to keep things under control. For example, use hooks for backpacks and jackets, a drawer or bin for shoes, and a basket for hats and gloves. Be sure to add labels, so everyone knows what goes where to find what they need, and don't forget to add some interest and personality to your space with a rug and piece of art. 

Black built-in cubbies hold woven baskets, one with a label for scarves, and below is a hanging denim jacket and a hanging black plaid jacket. A row of empty black built-in cubbies flips to include woven labeled baskets, a small framed landscape painting, and neutral striped rug.


What do you and your family love most about living in Tennessee? 

We love California but are thrilled to be closer to the majority of our family, who live in the Midwest and on the East Coast. We are also enjoying the change of seasons (fireflies on warm summer nights and flurries of snow on cold winter days), the slower pace of country life, being surrounded by lush rolling hills and horses, and of course, the vibrant Nashville music scene!

As Director of Partnerships + Marketing, are there any upcoming NEAT Method projects you're excited about (and willing to share)? 

We are excited to continue to expand our NEAT product line with our closet collection and the upcoming launch of our bathroom collection. We are also looking forward to organizing designer Erin Featherston's home and a fun upcoming giveaway with Fabletics, bkr, and Vital Proteins at the end of the month.

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Photography provided by Neat Method, Hannah Goetz