Picking up and moving yourself and your family across the country is daunting work. Doing so and then living in your new home while it's undergoing a massive renovation makes it even more challenging. But that's exactly what actor and podcast host Jamie-Lynn Sigler, her husband Cutter Dykstra, their two children, and their family dog went through last March when they moved from Los Angeles to Austin. Moving into an expansive Spanish-style residence with dark finishes, ornate detailing, and glossy floors—Jamie wanted to prioritize and weave in a breezy California feel. So, she turned to Los Angeles interior and fashion designer Erin Fetherston to transform the space. The two began by highlighting the architectural features Jamie loved, like high ceilings, exposed beams, and Mediterranean-inspired arches. They then complemented those elements with neutral tones, crisp white walls, and pops of color. For example, that saturated color comes from a matching pair of our Belmont Sofas in a deep cognac tone in the living room. We recently had a chance to visit Jamie-Lynn's home and then speak with her and Erin about their collaborative process, bringing in pops of color, and why the living room became their favorite space after the renovation. Read below for more. 


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Actress Jamie Lynn Sigler leans against a white archway in her home while her dog lays next to her. A tree stands in the corner in a round black pot.
Two white fuzzy Kora accent chairs with wooden arms and legs flank two copper Belmont velvet sofas. A large arched fireplace sits across from the chairs and a round chunky wooden end table next to one of the chairs has a vase holding branches in water.


Jaime-Lynn's Home Tour

You've spoken about looking for a fresh start moving you and your family to Austin; tell us a bit about your reaction to seeing the final product.

I wouldn't say it was exactly a reaction to the final product but more of a relaxation into it. We lived through this massive renovation, which was REALLY hard, but also really cool to see just how much goes into a project. Now that it's finally all done and the dust has settled, it has been a dream. The home feels equally comfortable and exciting.

You and Erin brought in a lot of California cool to your new home. Was that aesthetic the inspiration behind your renovation?

I think it just was clear what I gravitated towards and what I was pinning and sending pictures of to Erin. Lots of neutral tones, crisp white walls, and subtle pops of color. 

How do you want people to feel when they walk into your home?

It is important that people feel welcome and comfortable in our home. Nothing is too precious, but I also want people to appreciate the thought and care that went into creating it.

Two copper velvet Belmont sofas sit across from each other in Jamie Lynn Sigler's living room. Two white fuzzy accent chairs sit in between the sofas and a tan rug with a brown trellis pattern and round chunky light wood coffee table ground the space. width=


You've layered a few Lulu and Georgia statement makers into your space. Is there one piece you find yourself still fawning over? 

Our cognac Belmont Sofas. They are everything. They are comfortable and sexy and just add a special tone to the room. They warm the entire space up.

Personal touches certainly make a room. Could you tell us about your favorite pieces in your stunning living room?

I have loved decorating the beautiful built-ins we put in around our fireplace. Showcasing family heirlooms and memories along with some plants and candles. Every night it's such a peaceful and reflective space.


Interior designer Erin Fetherston lounges in a white armless chair. A white diamond patterned area rug, white sofa, white lamp and white drapes complete the space. A marble bathroom vanity with a white round vessel sink and gold hardware stand out against the moss green walls in this bathroom. A gold framed mirror and two gold sconces hang above the vanity.

Erin's Designer Feature

Tell us a bit about how you and Jamie started working together on this incredible home renovation.

Jamie and I first met to discuss the project while she was still living in Los Angeles. Like many of our friends, she was making the jump from LA to Texas! We talked a lot about creating a Cali-cool vibe in her new home and leaning into the stunning Spanish architecture that her new home had to offer.

What was your creative process when designing for this project? 

I had to begin the design process working from floor plans and photos as a site visit wasn't possible due to the circumstances of the pandemic, so getting an accurate sense of the space was essential. From there, it was about creating an earthy luxe color and texture palette. 

What are your favorite moments throughout the design process, from connecting with the client to installation? 

I love the installation! I call it the "Christmas morning" moment when you see everything come together. There is nothing more satisfying!

Jamie Lynn Sigler's primary bedroom has a large bed with tufted brown bedding is across from a deep white armless chair with a navy throw blanket on a white ottoman. At the end of the room is a large low white sofa and matching arm chair in a adjoining sitting room.


As you mention, the renovation has left Jamie's Spanish-style home with this Cali-cool look. What's some design advice to bring that style into people's homes?

The key is to create a space that flows from room to room and ultimately feels inviting. We got to play with some saturated colors between Jaime's cognac sofas and sage green cabinetrywhich added a lot of warmth and depth to the overall feel.

How did you strike a balance between form and function in the living room? And any tips for those looking to recreate Jamie's look?

Jaime had a huge great room, so we wanted to create a coherent space with designated areas for living and dining. Having open pathways around the furniture on all sides kept everything feeling accessible and easy.


A marble countertop with a bowl of artichokes and tray with a small vase and coasters overlooks the dining and living room of Jamie Lynn Sigler's home. Two large round chandeliers hang over the space and a large fireplace flanked with two built-in arches house light wood shelves and storage cabinets. Green cabinets with marble countertops and backsplash and gold hardware define Jamie Lynn Sigler's kitchen. A red medallion runner rug lays between the cabinets and island on a brown hexagon tiled floor.

Joint Questions

The house features striking Spanish-style architecture, from the arches to the ceiling beams. How did you two balance celebrating that history with wanting to make it more modern and inviting?

Erin: We love the arches! It was about leaning into the strong lines within the space and letting go of inauthentic details introduced by previous owners. Letting the deep brown wood beams and floors contrast the fresh white walls also highlighted the stunning architecture.

Jamie: Yes, the arches!! Once we got into the house, and it was empty, we really had an opportunity to appreciate the architecture and design of the original house. It is a traditional Spanish-style home with tons of open space and light and natural elements that were so fun to play off of. 

We love how you've layered the matching cognac sofas into the open living space! How did you decide on such a rich contrast to the area's lighter color palette?

Erin: It was both an emotional and a practical choice. Jaime and I both fell in love with the cognac color and realized it would be forgiving for a family with two young boys, so it was an easy YES.

Jamie: Yes. and every time I would see it on Instagram, I would send it to Erin and say, "my couch!!" 

Two fuzzy white Kora arm chairs sit in between two copper Belmont velvet sofas in Jamie Lynn Sigler's home. A chunky light wood round coffee table holds low decorative bowls. A neutral area rug with a brown trellis pattern grounds the space. A dining room table surrounded by white dining chairs and a kitchen are behind the living room.


We have to ask—if you had each to pick, what is your favorite space in the home now that the project is complete?

Both: The living room!!

Now that you both have had time to reflect, is there one note you have for homeowners and interior designers to keep in mind when partnering together for a redesign? 

Erin: I have to say that Jamie was an absolute dream client. She was always gracious, thoughtful, and consistent with her choices and feedback. I especially appreciated her enthusiasm for my work! I always put my whole heart into every design project, so having the client express love for the end result is beyond gratifying.

Jamie: Once you agree on things and lay it all out, stop going on Pinterest, etc. You have to trust your gut instincts and what you initially gravitated towards. Erin immediately picked up on my taste, so there really wasn't much back and forth!

Photography provided by Erin Fetherston
Designed by Erin FetherstonShot by Mia Baxter, Architectural Design by Brett & Kara Phillips