Jake Arnold has cut his hair. The long locks, which have been pulled back into a bunch, are gone, replaced by a cropped, effortless style. We are shooting in the sunroom of his client's home, and he is standing on the Havenhurst, one of seven styles from our new exclusive rug capsule. Jake is in a buoyant, playful mood, seeing the much-anticipated collaboration with Lulu and Georgia finally come to life in the dwelling of a client from his interior design studio. Focusing on materiality and texture, Jake has stunningly curated the shared spaces in a manner that feels incredibly cohesive. The rugs serve as impactful, timeless, and not overtly fussy foundations in each room, from the formal salon to the lounge to the dining room to the entryway. He states, "my aim as a designer is to always create spaces that are exciting, inviting, warm, and personal."

Arnold has emerged as a major force in the industry—launching his namesake Studio Jake Arnold, co-founding the digital consultation platform The Expert, and being named an AD100 talent by Architectural Digest. Born and raised in England, the Los Angeles-based designer has cultivated a style that prioritizes creating bold, dramatic, yet highly liveable interiors. He and his firm's philosophy and the attention they pay to detail, purpose, and mood are why we have been so excited to develop a collection together. As Anat Aharoni, our Sr. Director of Product, states, "When we initially discussed his vision, he often would keep his client in mind, how could one customer use each rug in the same home?" That theme of ensuring each rug in the collection could live and grow in someone's home was central to the development process.

"For this collection, I wanted each rug to have its own story but all through the lens of classic and timeless textures and materials which tie each style together and allow for multiple rugs in one space for interesting layering."

Materiality, specifically richly tactile textiles, is a primary focus for Jake on every single project he takes on. "Fabrics and textiles are the ultimate reference point, and the ingredients for any piece we create," detailing that eighteenth-century tapestries and a summertime visit to the UK and France provided a spark for this collection. One particular stop in Provence at celebrated rattan studio Atelier Vime's boutique helped to inspire the jute Harper Rug, which we see in the dining room on our tour. Each rug is constructed of specialty yarns—viscose for a plush feel and a bit of luster, linen to provide a casual yet soft hand, textural handspun wools, and natural jute fibers to allow for versatility in high-traffic areas. The variation of materials came from understanding how rugs are meant to interact with different spaces. The designer thought through room layouts and how unique styles could work together, even if they shared a communal area. He explains, "For this collection, I wanted each rug to have its own story but all through the lens of classic and timeless textures and materials which tie each style together and allow for multiple rugs in one space for interesting layering."

The collection echoes the emotive and beautifully-curated aesthetic Arnold designs with his interiors. In addition to selecting the right materials, utilizing the right color palettes was also critical. Neutrals and shades of brown have become staples for Studio Jake Arnold, with chocolate brown emerging as a signature in their portfolio this year. As the designer notes, its saturated tone "instantly grounds a space, warms everything up, and works amazingly against a variety of woods." We see this walking from the dining room through the hallway as we pass the Rangely Rug. Touring the Hancock Park villa on the day of the shoot, it's hard not to think the entire capsule was designed to layer into this home. The house is awash with organic appeal—from its exposed beams, hardwood floors, and sun-drenched rooms. Certain furniture pieces, like a petrified wood coffee table and rattan woven accent chairs, further stress Jake's high-impact yet lived-in aesthetic. "I enjoy the sensation of walking into a space that feels warm, inviting, and relaxed. All the rugs were born out of the idea of feeling elevated and understated in everyday living."

As we return to the sunroom to wrap up with a few short videos, Jake turns reflective. His intention is for the capsule to help bring a touch of his look into the homes of others. The designer reiterates what he said on an earlier shoot, "I think what this rug collection does best is give every single person the opportunity to feel like their home is their safe space." Each of the seven rugs is meant to be an anchor for a room but not overwhelm it. In his mind, these pieces are platforms for customers to show off their homes. Seeing that vision be realized here must feel like another evolution in a career built on pulling down the traditional walls between designer and client "so that everyone can feel inspired, warm, and cozy in their space."