Jake Arnold is fun to work with—and (as we grow our exclusive rug collection) that’s a fun thing to get to say. In this still-young decade, it seems Jake Arnold has graduated from one-to-watch to one we’re all definitely watching. From finding a place on Architectural Digest’s AD100 to defining his ethos through an impressive portfolio and translating that ethos into successful product collaborations, Jake Arnold has arrived—but he’s not stopping there. We always love seeing inside a collaborator’s home, but for a constant curator whose mind is never far from design, it can be just as telling to see where and how they work. We had a look inside Jake’s West Hollywood studio and took the opportunity to talk about his process and how his continual growth is reflected in the latest additions to his Lulu and Georgia collection. 

"As I evolve, the office will evolve with me and will always be a canvas"
How has your design style evolved since you first started your career?

I have always iterated on my design style, as it’s uninspiring for me to create copies of the same space. My earlier work, at times, was a bit more pared-back and neutral, but I’ve evolved to bring in more playful and impactful moments with color, print, and pattern in ways that feel timeless but also new and fun. 

What was your creative process when designing this studio you’re in now? How much does the iconic location on Sunset translate into the space and your work? 

When I first walked by this building and saw it was available to lease, I immediately knew it was meant to be. To find classic architecture in LA can be incredibly rare and this building felt like it was the perfect canvas for the evolution of our studio. While the interior of our office will continue to evolve and grow, this first iteration that you see is very much a representation of all that we have built so far—you’ll see vintage from The Expert, our collection from Crate & Barrel, and of course our newest rugs with Lulu & Georgia. Since this is an open space, it was important to create a layout that allowed for different moments while retaining function as a workspace. As I evolve, the office will evolve with me and will always be a canvas to curate cool and interesting pieces and mix styles within the studio. 

Your studio is known for its meticulous attention to detail. Can you share a specific detail or feature in the space that holds special significance to you?

Honestly, natural light is incredibly important to me and part of why we moved to this space. Our last office was darker and I’ve seen such a shift in my mood and workflow. 

We noticed you have storyboards. Can you walk us through the process of building out a storyboard and how that translates into a design? 

Every project starts with really learning how the clients like to live and their interests to inform the design. I’ll then gather inspiration images and fabrics to create a mood. Once we agree on a direction, we create boards with room-by-room specifics, including all fabrics and furniture styles, and they continue to evolve from there. 

Do you remember the first time you fully realized a design?

The first project I did on my own at the studio. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done as I wore every single hat but in the end the most rewarding and I was able to learn all parts of the job. 

What connects your work as a whole? Is there a throughline—an aesthetic or a quality that each piece shares?

There is always a warmth. A layered and timeless quality that is part of the Jake Arnold DNA that we convey in everything we work on. 

Your collection with Lulu and Georgia reflects your signature blend of comfort and luxury. Were there any specific inspirations for this collection?

This collection is all about materiality and texture and creating a grounding neutral base that was designed to work well with all types of homes and people. With this new iteration of the first collection, we wanted to bring in color in ways that still follow that same ethos, but can feel more playful and custom to the customer. A huge inspiration for this collection was our interior design projects and the ways that we incorporate color and find colors that still feel neutral but are impactful. 

Your rug designs are grounded in texture. How do you choose materials and incorporate them into a space?

Jute rugs are a staple at the studio. They add texture and are super durable, so they’re great for high-traffic areas. The viscose has a beautiful sheen, while the wool feels more matte. I gravitate towards using these in a living room or bedroom as they’re softer underfoot. All of the styles are meant to be complementary, with the ability to be layered in adjoining spaces or within the same home. 

What are you most excited about this year? Are there any projects we should look out for?

We have a lot of projects finishing up that have been in development for years so I’m really excited to see them come to completion. We have  projects in Europe and the Hamptons that I especially can’t wait to share. 

Our mission at Lulu and Georgia is to bring beauty to your home. What does beauty at home mean to you?

For me, beauty at home is always about finding comfort in your home and how, ultimately, that adds beauty not just to your space but to your life. Loving your space and making it feel comfortable can have multiple meanings and should feel really personal to everyone. But for me, creating an environment where I can decompress and relax regardless of what my home is filled with is incredibly impactful for my well-being.