We are constantly looking for new ideas and inspiration from other people’s homes. One of the best parts about getting to work with such talented tastemakers, artists, and designers is getting to see how they live in their spaces. It’s an intimate look into someone’s real life that we all seem to crave. When we walked into model Jasmine Tookes’ Los Angeles home that she shares with her husband and baby, we felt instantly at ease. The home is cloaked in a neutral color palette but filled with rich textures to keep everything from feeling stark. We especially loved all of the personal photographs around Jasmine’s home—as a guest, it’s always so fun to look at different moments from a family’s life. We stayed a while to chat with Jasmine and tour her space. Read on for more.

Tell us about your upbringing in the fashion industry. How did it inform the way you see the world and your work?

I built my career from the ground up so I really know how much hard work it takes to have a goal set forth and succeed in it. It’s really important to me to have drive and determination in all I do.

Can you share any memorable or exciting experiences from working with renowned fashion designers or brands?

Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford, specifically because they themselves are some of the most hands-on designers that I have had the chance to work with and seeing them perfect their craft down to every detail is something I really admire.

We love your home- what were some key elements or features you wanted to incorporate into your home's design?

I know I previously mentioned neutral colors and tones but it really is everything for me when it comes to my space in my home. Even in my personal style, tans, browns, creams etc. are the vibe I go for and love so much.


You recently welcomed a baby into your family! How did you strike a balance between function and aesthetics in your space?

My husband and I really tried to find baby products that were aesthetically good looking in our home. The tones in my office actually coordinate with her nursery which was a nice segway of both spaces. .

What do you hope people will feel or experience when they visit your home?

I hope my friends and family can feel really comfortable and at home in an elevated space. While I feel our home is sophisticated we love hosting game nights and social gatherings all the time!

It was such a pleasure partnering with you on your guest bedroom. What was the inspiration for your space’s transformation?

I just wanted our room to feel elevated and comfortable. I feel like we really achieved that with the accent pieces which ties everything together so nicely.

Personal trinkets and touches make a room—tell us about your favorite pieces in your home?

Honestly, my personal photographs! We have captured so much from our engagement, wedding, travels with friends and more.

How would you describe your home’s style?

Chic, refined, and calm.

Fall is here! What are you most excited for this season?

Having cozy nights curled up on the couch with my family and friends.