They say that rules are meant to be broken. We'd have to agree, but you have to know the rules to break them, right? When we are designing spaces or putting together a room for our photoshoots, we have a collection of design "rules" that we like to live by to ensure that every space feels balanced and thoughtful. Here are our tips for where to start.

1. Something Old, Something New.

Mix vintage and modern pieces for a layered, collected space that feels curated over time. 

2. Mix Textures.

In any space but especially a tonal one, be sure to mix your materials and textures to keep things from feeling flat. Linens, boucle, brass, wood, velvets etc. can all work together to create harmony within a cohesive color palette.

3. Group objects in odd numbers.

When styling, group objects in odd numbers to create asymmetry and intrigue.

4. Hang your artwork at eye level.

Art that is hung too high can make your space feel out of proportion. Hang artwork at eye level of the average person, with the center of the artwork about 60” from the floor.  

5. Vary your lighting.

Bad lighting can make relaxing at home tough. Avoid a single overhead light fixture and opt for lamps and sconces to set a mood. It’s optimal to have at least 3 different sources of light per room.

6. When pattern mixing, vary the scale.

Mixing patterns is a great way to add personality to a space. To do it successfully, vary the scales. For example, a thin stripe and a larger scale floral.

7. For good measure, your coffee table should be half the length of your sofa.

Of course, you can always play with scale to make a space your own.

8. Hang your curtains higher to make your room feel bigger.

We recommend around 6”-10” from the ceiling depending on your ceiling height. Your curtains should go all the way to floor and a light puddle in the drapes is just fine.

9. Choose a large enough rug

In the Living Room, choose a rug that is large enough to have your furniture completely on it or at the very least, all of the front feed on. This will make your space feel larger.

10. In the bedroom, your nightstand should be about as high as your mattress.

A couple inches lower or higher won’t hurt but anything too dramatic will throw off the proportions of your room.