Inspired by lush, earthy tones, abstract flowing forms, and unique materials, we created this capsule collection to explore, provoke, and inspire. Handmade at our studio in Los Angeles, there is something for everyone, whether you're looking for a powerful statement piece, a pop of color, or a complementary accent. Versatile yet refined, this collection encapsulates our collective nature, with multiple artists and designers working together from development to production to create a cohesive body of work that will fit any interior. 

After the success of our collection of 50 one-of-a-kind paintings last year with Lulu and Georgia, we couldn't wait to create another capsule incorporating new mediums, materials, and methods of creation. In December, our artists began collaborating with the Lulu and Georgia team to develop newness and build upon the last collection. Our canvas paintings received an elevated update with khaki canvas to provide a neutral brown backdrop, and we introduced silkscreening, painting, and collage to the collection. With both made-to-order artworks and one-of-a-kind paintings, the collection is comprehensive and balanced, spanning the many techniques we use and a diversity of styles. Our goal was to create a curated assortment of works representative of both Visual Contrast and Lulu and Georgia, merging the visions of both teams to create a unified aesthetic. Tulio and Julia, the buyer and assistant buyer of walls at Lulu and Georgia, worked closely with our team throughout the entire process, spending time in our studio to review color combinations and see the materials and artwork in person. With their attentiveness, support, and thorough attention to detail, we were able to craft a current yet timeless collection. 


We looked to deep, rich colors with an earthy neutral twist to complement our vision. Vivid reds and rusts, neutral tans and browns, bright oranges and ochres, and moody midnight blues were at the forefront of our palette to create a harmonious color story for the collection. We develop all our own inks, so our color selection is quite unique, giving our pieces an unmatched custom quality. We love creating stimulating color pairings, combining neutral tones with bright saturated colors or contrasting light and dark shades to make the colors pop. 

To accompany the collection's neutral shades and dark tones, we developed a series of custom frame finishes to take the capsule collection to the next level. Feeling restricted by the frames offered on the market, we wanted to produce a more cohesive final product, with the frame finish designed specifically for the artwork. From lighter stains like white wash and ash to moodier finishes like charcoal and espresso, the frames elevate and enhance the artwork while fitting the color scheme. The natural wood grain of the frames paired with the hand-painted finish adds an organic feel that complements the varying textures of the artworks.

Our neutral and warm walnut finish is used prominently in the capsule collection, adding a painterly and handmade feel while giving the collection a more curated look. 

With sweeping forms, imperfect shapes, and painterly strokes, we utilized overlapping, blending, and negative space to create thought-provoking, abstract compositions. We let the methods and materials lead us and take control. Whether it was the ink dispersing into water on the Ink Wash paintings, the blending of the colors in the Gradient Silkscreens, the raw, natural edges of the papers in Patchwork, or the uncontrollable nature of silkscreening in the Canvas Paintings, we allowed the materials to speak for themselves. The natural movements and unrestrained forms created through chance during our processes give the depth and complexity of the artwork, adding to the artistry and originality of the work. 

We pride ourselves on sourcing high-quality, sustainable materials that give each artwork a distinct touch. Our inks are non-toxic, water-based, and all made locally in Los Angeles. The textiles used in the collection come from a fabric shop in the fashion district of downtown LA. All the papers used are handmade in small batches in Japan, Bhutan, and Mexico. Between the natural edge and the textural fibers of the paper, no two sheets are the same, making each artwork truly unique and augmenting its handmade quality. All the different elements of the materials come together to enhance the artwork's character and charm. 

We can't wait for you to shop this capsule and discover a gallery-quality piece that gives voice to your aesthetic. 

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Photography provided by Visual Contrast Collective.