Our mission here at Lulu and Georgia is to bring beauty into your home. Your home is the crucial part of that statement. We're proud of our unique collections, the exclusive collaborations, and the stories and styling advice we provide to inspire you to create the space of your dreams. We also want to highlight the processes and teams that turn inspiration into an actual project for your home. For our new Design Focus series, we have partnered with our in-house Buying, Product Development, and Styling teams to talk about everything that goes into a product's lifecycle—from an initial concept to the best way to curate it. For the latest installment of our series, we shine a spotlight on our wall decor collection, including mirrors, wallpapers, and wall art. Wall decor's importance comes from enriching a person's experience when they walk into a room, whether through the artisan craftsmanship that goes into creating it, unique details which make it stand out, or an eye-catching pattern that provides an elevated finishing touch. To break down their processes and sources of inspiration, we turn to our Buyer for Walls, Tulio Salcedo, Sr. Director of Product, Anat Aharoni, and Sr. Manager of Brand Creative, Kelley Mason. Read on below for more with each expert, and shop our entire wall decor collection now.

Stage 1: Buying with Tulio Salcedo, Buyer, Walls

The intention behind the Design Focus series is to get insight from the experts in our team. With Tulio, we discussed what qualities he looks for in a wall decor style, how trends inside and outside our industry influence which designs we buy and develop, and a few of his favorite styles at the moment.

We have an incredible selection of handmade wall decor, especially wall art. What qualities and stories do you look for when working with specific artists, and do you want to highlight any? 

For specific artists, I am looking for someone that can easily convey a mood or a story to their audience. Art that resonates with people in a specific and unique way. That said, we have curated some great wall art in the form of paintings, photography, and more. Some of my favorites include painting prints from Sarah Sherman Samuel, photography prints from Ashley Johnson, and abstract compositions from Danielle Davis. 

What is one current trend you love seeing in the wall decor space?

The trend that I would love to see more of is curved forms. Wall decor tends to come in standard shapes like a circle or square. Curvature allows for an alluring aesthetic that creates a softness to your space. We collaborated with designer Sarah Sherman Samuel on a mirror collection that illustrates just that. 

It feels as though peel + stick wallpaper is now an area we're growing. Could you speak to why that is?

If you have tried to install your own traditional wallpaper, you can admit that it takes time, precision, and a lot of water. The peel + stick wallpaper allows for an easier application and takedown, which lets the customer update their space more frequently, whether for a small accent wall or a whole room.

If you had to pick, what are your 4 favorite wall decor styles currently? Why these pieces?

  • Grids + Checks. It is a style reminiscent of the 80s in apparel and footwear that is now relevant in the home decor industry. 
  • Curves. A new take on the basics.
  • Burl Wood. Wood comes in different grains and colors, and burl wood is an up-and-coming type with more personality.

Stage 2: Product Development with Anat Aharoni, Sr. Director of Product

Anat and her team manage all aspects of our in-house design product development process. They are tasked with concepting, working with makers and vendors on creating samples, finalizing products, and then ensuring that they are delivered to our distribution centers before making it into customers' homes. So, we asked Anat about that design process, a few recent favorites, and the best parts of working with design collaborators. 

What is your creative process when designing a wall decor collection? Any favorites that come to mind? 

Our teams collaborate and brainstorm on what we feel is up and coming in the marketplace, what is currently inspiring us, and what aesthetic movements are approaching. We then pull together inspiration from all avenues, work on a cohesive color palette and let the design process begin with our talented illustrators and designers. 

Some of my most recent favorites are our abstract + modern wallpaper collection, such as the Allina, Parma, and Setana pieces. This collection fed our need for a neutral way to add interest and movement to your space. All three wallpapers have so much character yet are easy on the eyes in their color palettes and compositions. 

What are your favorite moments working on design collaborator collections throughout the entire process, from initial concept to launch? 

I would have to say our collaboration with Malene Barnett was such a wonderful experience from start to finish. Learning about her design process and her creations of unique ceramics and rug artwork and interpreting them into wallpaper was fun and innovative.

Stage 3: Styling with Kelley Mason, Sr. Manager of Brand Creative

As we normally do for all of our Styling Series, we turn to Kelley for the best tips on how to curate wall decor. Kelley is our resident stylist and person in charge of all of our photoshoots, and so she and her team are the first to see our finished products in a space, working to inspire you and your home.  

What are a few of your guidelines for integrating wall decor within a shoot?

Sometimes, a piece of art is the inspiration behind the color palette for a whole room. Other times, it's the cherry on top that makes the space finally come together. Mirrors are great when we are trying to keep the image light and bright, but otherwise aren't trying to add any extra color or pattern to a space. When we use wallpaper, we often design the room around the pattern, which informs all our decisions, from the rug selection to the furniture choices. 

We know each shoot is customized to fit the current collection or season, but are there any qualities you always like on display when curating with wall decor? 

I always keep our overall brand creative in mind, but generally, for shoots, I like pieces that have interesting details, like ornate framing or a subtly textured finish. Even if it's very small and tucked into a corner in the larger shot, it still contributes to the overall texture of the room, and the little details make all the difference, even if you can't immediately put your finger on it. 

Natural light is so important, and mirrors are a tool to brighten up a room. Do you have any tips for folks to remember when and where to place mirrors in space?

I especially like a mirror in the entryway or near the front door to visually enlarge a small or tight space and act as a "last looks" area where you can do a final check before walking out the door. I also like a mirror in a long hallway to help it appear more spacious and a full-length mirror in the bedroom if space affords it. People say lighting is the jewelry of a room, but I think a mirror is a close second—if art isn't feeling quite right in the space, a mirror is often the way to go.