What does it mean to be in perfect harmony with your home? Is it a question of curating your space well, of making it functional for you and your family's day-to-day lives, or does it mean prioritizing comfort in every room? We were looking to explore those questions as we developed our Spring Editorial, the Organic Harmony collection. The result is a look that emphasizes the simple, the dignified, and the harmonious. Similarly, there is an intentionality behind each piece with a distinct focus on clean-lined forms and natural materials and finishes. The inspiration for the collection is rooted in the warm, modern minimalism of Japanese and Scandinavian design. The core tenets of Japandi design—clean lines, functional furniture and accents, the organic texture of natural materials, and a combination of muted yet contrasting color palettes—can also be seen throughout our Spring Editorial. Multifunctionality, performance fabrics, and craftsmanship details dominate the new furniture line. Our textiles capsule focuses on neutral foundations, premium natural fibers like wool, linen, and cotton, and incorporating runner rugs throughout your home. Finally, our decorative accents capsule prioritizes one-of-a-kind artisan-made goods that are functional but can also stand alone as works of art for your home. Explore more of our Organic Harmony collection and shop the entire line.

A neutral bedroom has a white upholstered angled headboard with white bedding against a dark wood wainscotting and light gray-brown wall treatment.

Raw Beauty of Natural Materials and Finishes

Bring harmony into your home with the sculptural pieces, earthy neutrals, and pared-down styling of our Spring Editorial. Our thought process behind the more minimal styling is to spotlight the different textures throughout the collection. That includes the textural impact of natural fiber rugs and pillows, the rich woodgrain of furniture items, and the rough-hewn feel of ceramic and wooden accents. Above all, this new collection prioritizes the use of natural materials like solid woods, wool, jute, linen, and raw silk. For instance, we love how artful techniques and contrasting pile heights enrich the tonal palette of our new rug capsule. Those neutral tones allow you to easily curate each space with a rug, from kitchen runners to oversized options under your bed or sofa. The same is true with our new line of raw silk pillows. With their sandy neutral hues and simple striped designs, these pillows add a luxe touch to your living space or bedroom.

"Neutral elements pared down to their simplest, sculptural roots are at the base of this design movement."
– Kelley Mason, Senior Manager of Brand Creative

A neutral bedroom has a white upholstered angled headboard with white bedding against a dark wood wainscotting and light gray-brown wall treatment.

Uniquely Yours Handcrafted Styles

From graceful, organic forms to intricate joinery, artisan craftsmanship takes center stage with our newest collection. The clean-lined forms, subtly rounded corners, and natural finishes of the new furniture line lend a calm and collected feel to your space, but we love how that's paired with careful attention to craftsmanship. Traditional and intricate joinery, like mortise and tenon joint detail, lets you see the handcrafted technique at work with these furniture styles. It is most evident in pieces like the Henrik Dining Table and its accompanying bench and stool. All of these furniture pieces are meant to be minimally styled. Similarly, with our new decor accents, a few sculptural and tactile pieces will be enough to style a room. These standout and eye-catching vases, trays, candleholders, and centerpieces elevate your look. Lastly, our Visual Contrast capsule also brings high-end fine art to your walls. Each artist adds their unique perspective and skillset to these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Shop The Rooms

If you need a bit more inspiration, check out four key Shop By Room looks featuring our Spring Editorial pieces below.

A serene escape bedroom has a white bed, dark walls and wooden accents to bring harmony into your home with sculptural pieces, earthy neutrals and pared-down styling.
A sandy toned living room has two light leather accent chairs with light wood frames, an oval dark coffee table and a neutral woven rug that overlook a desert landscape as desert neutral hues fill the space, from the textural rug to the off-white sofa to the accent chairs' light wood and leather finishes.
A modern dining room has dark walls and light wood table with benches for an artisan touch where craftsmanship takes center stage, from the furniture's graceful organic forms and intricate joinery to the rug's handwoven jute and wool construction.
A modern living room with a cohesive calm look has dark walls, an ivory sofa, light accent chair and light rug in a look where warm, light hues like ivory and tan and whitewashed woods complement sleek black finishes, lending a laid-back yet collected feel.