We all know that feeling when we’ve been away from home and come back to our own bed. A well-curated bedroom can serve as a sanctuary, a serene space to reset and take care. We’ve designed dozens of bedrooms for editorials and today we’re sharing our favorite fall bedding looks from our 2023 collection if you’re in need of a little inspiration.  

The Moody Transitional Bedroom

A good way to begin building your bedroom is to start with the obvious—the bed itself. This will inform the direction of the rest of the room. We love a bed that adds a bit of drama. Our Simonette Canopy Bed is a modern four-poster frame with a sleek upholstered headboard and we love how it looks in our fall editorial. It can be easy to feel intimidated by a canopy bed since they feel quite grand but we find they elevate the room with little effort. The key is to choose the right size rug and nightstands to pair in the space. We like the nightstands to be a bit more substantial in size to hold up to scale of the bed. We used our Philana Nightstands here and love how the wood and stone contrast the bed frame. For the rug, you typically want to go with a 9x12 or larger in a bedroom, depending on how much space you have. The rug should extend at least the width of the nightstands with plenty of walking space in front of the bed. For this particular look, we anchored the space with the rich green rug and kept the bedding within that color palette. We added some vintage rattan stools to the foot of the bed to add some additional texture and we polished everything off with a piece of simple art above the headboard.

The Tonal Warmth Bedroom

This particular bedroom was inspired by a Parisian hotel suite. We layered within a single color palette so that everything feels really warm and inviting. The symmetry on either side of the nightstands and the crisp bedding creates a luxe, tailored look.
This look is for the person who’s looking for something more refined. If you love the tonal look but aren’t sure where to start, pick the color for the rug or the bed first and then add on from there. We started with this pretty rust-hued rug and then started layering. Remember that not everything needs to be the same exact color, it just needs to be within the same tone.

The Neutral Airy Bedroom

For this look, we kept everything neutral in a palette of creams and browns. The key to keeping neutral spaces from feeling too flat is to layer texture throughout. The bed is layered with a duvet, coverlet, and throw pillows all with a different tactile feel. One of the other important elements to consider is your lighting. Well-chosen lighting can serve as the “jewelry” of the space and it can completely change the ambiance. In a bedroom, bright overhead light is rarely needed although we do love to install an amazing fixture to draw the eye up. Keep things dim with table lamps or sconces that let off soft light.