Sarah Sherman Samuel is back and there’s so much to celebrate. We’re lucky enough to get to work alongside Sarah to bring her vision to life in another amazing collection. This time, there’s even more. Within her fall lineup, Sarah presents a fresh array of furniture, rugs, and decor, accompanied by her first ever collections of lighting and bedding. Remaining faithful to her distinctive blend of modern yet warm style, Sarah’s collection will bring your home an interior designer touch. Read on for a glimpse into Sarah’s creative journey, as we explore the inspirations, craftsmanship, and stories that define each meticulously crafted pieces.

An assortment of furniture and lighting pieces from Sarah Sherman Samuel's new collection launch is displayed in a room.

Can you tell us a little bit about your inspiration behind the fall collection?

As a whole, nature is always and forever the driving force of inspiration for my work. From color palette to shapes and motifs, nothing inspires me more than the natural world.

This is your first collection of bedding, walk us through your design process for that.

For bedding, I wanted to create a collection with a good amount of variety in shapes and styles that are unique but also ultra cozy with subtle details to make them stand out. There are large quilted bed covers, scalloped edge pillow cases, ruffled edge shams and even a skirted bedspread.
I wanted to use natural fibers that feel Lux but still relaxed so we went with hemp. I love hemp because it’s super soft and gets softer with age but is also incredibly durable. It’s also very breathable and more absorbent than most fabrics so it is thermoregulating, keeping you warm in cooler temperatures and cool when it’s hot out.

"Like everything I design, there are so many personal pieces in this new line. I designed cabinet doors with my dad, drew inspiration from my Finnish background, and find inspiration in so many different places. It’s so exciting to see my products come to life. Plus, I’ve wanted to design lighting and bedding for so long and it’s finally here! Now you really can have an entire Sarah Sherman Samuel home!"

A bedroom is styled with Sarah Sherman Samuel's new collection including the Billow Bed, Raita Rug, Brolly Pendant and Tiger Hemp Duvet and Sham.

What was your inspiration when you were designing this collection? How does it differ from our past collections together?

My goal with every collection is always to have a variety of materials, textures, and shapes that work together but don’t necessarily look like a matching set. I’m designing one piece at a time while still looking at the whole of the collection, similar to how I design a client's home. As I’m selecting material and furniture pieces for a space, I keep the whole of the room in mind. I make sure to mix varied styles and shapes to tell a unique story and have a layered collected feel.
This collection is different in that we are adding bedding and lighting to the mix for the first time but it still feels like an extension to our current pieces. This makes it possible to decorate every part of your home with my designs.

Share a personal story behind a product design / name / inspiration.

The moniker of the Gladys Bed holds a special place in my heart as it's an homage to my grandmother, Gladys. Her enduring spirit and elegance have left an indelible mark on my life, much like the design of this bed. I also have a thread of ancestry running through the heart of my design process. With a heritage deeply rooted in Finland, I've paid tribute to my origins by naming each of the rugs using Finnish words. For instance, "Kivi" translates to "stone," and "Raita" captures the essence of a "stripe."

A living room features the Kukka Chandelier, Kivi Rug and Dashell Ottoman from Sarah Sherman Samuel's new furniture collection launch.

The Koukero rug from the Sarah Sherman Samuel rug collection is paired with her Quarry coffee table for a chic look.

A bedroom design features the Laughlin nightstand, Kohta rug and Addie floor lamp from designer Sarah Sherman Samuel.


How would you describe this fall assortment?

Layered, and playful but refined.

What are some stand-out pieces from the collection? Any personal favorites?

Why do you always make me pick favorites? It’s impossible when so much goes into each piece! I make sure they are all my favorites. That said the Kivi Rug comes to mind as a stand out, the Babs Sectional and Gladys Beds are definitely making their way into my own home.

What additions and changes did you make to extend our furniture collection? Why were those needed??

In Mirrors, we added new finishes and sizing to the current assortment really round out those collections. We also only had one bed in the first collection and we’ve added three as well as bedding to make it easy to furnish an entire bedroom from the collection. I’m always searching for Media Cabinets that are much longer than what is easily available, so that was an important add. Well designed case goods in general are hard to come by because they can be really basic. It’s been almost two years since our last rug launch so I’m thrilled to add onto that collection with more colors and designs.