It is the greening of the trees, the longer days, the warm glow of the sun—all the everyday pleasures that make us so excited for the seasons to turn. Spring is here, summer is around the corner, and we know that you're most likely looking to update your outdoor space before you start hosting again. We want to help you create an elevated, vibrant, and exceedingly livable space to entertain family, friends, and neighbors. So, to celebrate the launch of our outdoor collection shop, we've styled four ways to enjoy your outdoor space this season. They are an evening dinner party complete with whole roasted Branzino and sangria; a casual gathering of friends with wine and hors d'oeuvres; a quick and easy family gathering with snacks, games, and cards; and a daytime barbeque with friends and neighbors. All four looks feature a few indoor/outdoor furniture standouts and versatile entertaining essentials and share a desire to foster a fun environment that brings you and your loved ones together. Read on for all of our styling tips, and for even more inspiration, check out our curated outdoor looks.

A Formal Dinner Party

Forget about a night out and bring elevated, stylish appeal to your terrace, backyard, or courtyard. Start off with your favorite dinnerware and serving dishes, as it lends your meal a more upscale feel. We suggest using woven placemats under everyone's plate—they help anchor your set seating arrangements. The rest of the dinner party can be more casual, with simple, shared dishes and drinks like whole roasted Branzino, an orzo dish, a Mediterranean salad with feta, and a white wine sangria with apples and peaches. If you plan on hosting well into the night, make sure to also plan out your lighting. We love the idea of a candlelit night under the stars. You can also choose from different outdoor lighting options like string lights or even handheld styles, like our Tala Muse Portable Lamp.

A Causal Wine-and-Cheese Get-Together

We imagine this next look is perfect for a small gathering of close friends on a warm sunny afternoon. The setup is meant to be intimate and encourage lots of conversation. Start off styling the look with a round yet sizable dining table, like this Doric Round Dining Table. Its roomy tabletop leaves plenty of space for multiple cheese boards and bottles of wine. It also allows you to comfortably seat up to six people. Keep it as simple as possible for the menu. We love serving up orange wine with your spread of delicious cheeses, nuts, fruit, olives, and bread or crackers. Choose timeless glassware like this LSA International Wine Glass Set, or for a bit of added color, choose this Estelle Stemware Set in a striking blush shade.

A Quick and Easy Family Gathering

One of the benefits of hosting an outdoor get-together is that everything—dining and lounging—is in view. That makes having a large family gathering with a number of kids much more manageable. We imagine this next look is perfect for a laid-back pool party amongst siblings and their families. Parents can relax on a chic yet comfortable outdoor couch, while the children run around, jump in the pool, or play board games. Layer in decor staples, like a textural rug or tons of patterned pillows, to add a touch of coziness. A coffee table with lots of tabletop space is recommended for grab-and-go bites like crudites, dips, grapes, and cheese slices. This Etta Bamboo Chip + Dip Set is a sleek, sustainable, and durable solution.

A Backyard Barbeque

We know that with summer comes grilling season and plenty of backyard barbeques. This last look is the most laid-back yet, with less of a proper dinner table set up and more of buffet-style eating and mingling. Many serving boards and platters are needed for a pared-down menu of grilled meats, veggies, and different sandwiches. Our Tara Melamine collection adds earthy, organic appeal to your spread and is shatterproof and stain-resistant. Instead of disposable paper plates, opt for our line of colorful Pia Bamboo collection dishes. They add saturated color to your spread, and with a slight lip, they keep everything on your plate. Overall, all of our outdoor dinnerware is super versatile and durable. They are low maintenance, best for more casual settings or when people aren't necessarily sitting down, and suitable for kids.