Chloé Crane-Leroux captures the beauty in the small touches, seeing each moment in all its romance and splendor. The world she curates across social media presents scenes we want to step into, to taste, to savor, and to hold. In her collaboration with Anastasio Home, Chloé's world is made material with an exclusive collection of marble pieces made to elevate every occasion. Inspired by Chloé’s love of hosting, cooking, and creating beauty, these pieces will bring your table to life.  To celebrate the launch and the season, we asked Chloé to share her tips for an effortless apéro hour at home.

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A tablescape features the Marble Bowl and Marble Candle Holder by Chloé Crane-Leroux x Anastasio Home.
Chloe Crane-Leroux serves appetizers on her marble kitchenware collection pieces designed in collaboration with Anastasio Home.

You designed a collection with hosting at home in mind. Tell us a bit more about the design process.

The design process came very easily to me. Apéro time had always been part of my life growing up and was a sacred time in our household. We had 5 staple dishes and a candle burning at all times to set the mood. Keeping all of this in mind, the sketches were able to be produced.

What is your favorite piece from the collection and why? 

I can’t choose one! I adore them all, but if I had to pick personally I adore the baguette tray and the candle holder. 

First of all what is apero hour? 

L’Apéro is the time of day; typically around 5 pm, after work, before dinner or a party. Sometimes it actually becomes the dinner party itself, where you can convene for a drink or two with bite size snacks. It’s always with friends or family and is the perfect moment to unwind. 

For those looking to throw their own apero hour at home, walk us through your how-to. 

Get your 5 favorite snacks. Set your dishes on your coffee table and light a candle, or a few. Set the mood by getting your favorite playlist going and you’re ready for apéro time.

You're go-to apero menu? The one food you're spread will always have? 

My favorite apéro spread is a baguette (hence why I created the baguette tray), some crisps, olives, nuts and my favorite dip, which is hummus.

Does your hosting looking different from season to season? What will you be serving this holiday season?

I have my basics that I always serve, but I love to cook seasonally. With that in mind, I might change some dips and crisps to reflect the season. For the holidays, I make a hearty mushroom dip with homemade rosemary crackers. It’s a delight and a real crowd-pleaser.

What is your hosting mantra? 

You can never have too many snacks. 

What do you always have on hand for last-minute get-togethers?

 I always have castelvetrano olives and hummus with seed crackers. Spontaneous apéros actually happen very often!  

At Lulu and Georgia, our mission is to bring beauty to your home. What does beauty at home mean to you? 

For me, beauty in my home is a deeply personal journey. It's an ever-evolving story of self-expression, comfort, and the emotions I attach to this space. It's a place where I not only find shelter, but also find myself reflecting on my own identity and the things that bring me joy and peace.

What's one thing you want our customers to know about your pieces with Anastasio? 

They were designed with so much intention and purpose. Each element, from the choice of materials to the intricate design details, has been thoughtfully considered to ensure they not only fulfill their functional role but also resonate deeply with those who engage with them. These pieces are meant to elevate and enrich your apéro time, making it an even more enjoyable and memorable part of your day.

Chloe Craine-Leroux serves appetizers on her marble serveware collection with Anastasio Home
Hummus is served in the Marble Bowl by Chloé Crane-Leroux x Anastasio Home