We always love to see the homes of artists and creatives. Our homes are such a personal, intimate reflection of ourselves and it’s exciting to see how those that inspire us live. Tabia Yapp, founder of the L.A. floral design studio Bia Blooms, has a home that feels like the perfect extension of her—cozy, artful, and lively. From the bright orange front door to the bounty of plants that are scattered throughout the house, it’s a place that just feels good. We caught up with Tabia about her booming floral business, what she’s most excited for this season, and her design process for her home. Read on for more and check out Bia Blooms on Instagram to see her beautiful work for yourself.

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Bia Blooms began after you created bouquets for your wedding, right? Could you tell us about your floral design studio's start?

I first took an interest in floral design a few years ago. I read the book A Year In Flowers by Erin Benzakein and then jumped right in. I bought flowers from the grocery store and designed arrangements for myself and friends initially. I launched my first shop offering over a Mother’s Day weekend. I landed around 11 orders and I remember feeling BEYOND excited (and a touch overwhelmed, but in a good way)! What started as a way to relax and play, has grown into the business it is today.

Can you speak to the journey of being a woman of color entrepreneur and what it was like in the midst of 2020 when Bia Blooms started to take off?

2020 was obviously a very difficult year, and many of us are still navigating its impacts. I think Bia Blooms was my small way to find and create moments of joy and beauty. As the Studio found success, I felt it was important to find ways to share that success in whatever way I could, so I started Arrange for Change, a community-minded project that takes shape as a fundraiser and public floral installation. The Bia Blooms community has come together to support the work of organizations including: The Downtown Women’s Center, The Equal Justice Initiative, BYP100, SELAH Neighborhood Coalition, Carepacks LA, Mutual Aid, and teachers via Donors choose.

Before founding Bia Blooms, you started in the talent agency industry and founded BEOTIS, a successful boutique agency, in 2015. How do you find that work overlaps with your studio?

In addition to Bia Blooms, I run BEOTIS, which represents artists, speakers, and writers of color. Our work is centered around uplifting artists and their careers. We celebrate them, their work, and who they are as individuals. I’m really proud to have created a space where each of them feels like they belong. With Bia Blooms, I like to think of that work as an extension of the same project — bringing visions to life, celebrating moments and individuals, and spreading joy via flowers.

There's so much joy and color in your designs—what other elements do you always want to be present? Are there any personal touches in your arrangements?  

I often gravitate towards colorful florals, absolutely! But no matter the color palette, I like designs that introduce personality, play with levels, and explore space. My favorite arrangements always have a moment in them that make you think, “oh so it’s like that!?!”

You've created stunning florals and installations for clients such as Louis Vuitton, Disney’s Black Panther, Hermès, and other top-tier brands (including us for our pop-up shop!). Is there a secret to keeping these large projects still so personal and tailored?

To kick things off, I ask clients and collaborators whether they have an initial vision or mood. Some folks have specific design elements in mind, while other clients name a key color they’d like and then say “GO FOR IT!” After I gather the vibe, project notes, floral deliverables, and client goals, I usually toss those details into a spreadsheet. My team and I use that to track everything leading up to game-day. We source and design using the Bia Blooms style, energy and design perspective while looking through the lens of our client’s vision.

What flowers do you gravitate towards during this season? Do you have any advice for shopping florals for the holidays?

I am a fan of deep, moody tones and textures during the fall season. While shopping for florals, buy a few bunches that you find exciting and think play nicely together. Trim the stems so that they stand at varying heights within the vase. This simple trick adds a little dimension and personality to your blooms.

Is there a designer aesthetic or overall vibe you were looking to create in your home?

In our home, we’re going for cozy elegance. The Lulu and Georgia pieces offer that and strike this perfect balance of showstopper-energy and effortlessness. We love our L&G pieces and get so many sweet comments about how well they fit in our home.

What features drew you to pick the Calabria Vase & the Delilah Vase? How will the aspects of each vase inspire different arrangements?

The shapes were so striking. Whether paired with a lush arrangement of flowers or just simple greens, I knew that both vases could do a lot of heavy lifting to catch the eye and make a moment, a moment!

The Lira Bookshelf has so many shelves to create unexpected moments with floral arrangements. What tips do you have when curating shelving and other storage pieces?

Organized chaos is kind of my thing, but for bookshelves I like there to be moments of space for the eye to breathe. I love styling large bulky objects and tiny, meaningful trinkets. Touches of droopy plants or intriguing vases with fresh cut floral makes it all come alive.

Are there any Holiday traditions you are looking forward to this season?

My favorite holiday memories are usually the in-between moments. Afternoons spent on the couch or standing around a kitchen sharing & hearing stories that have been told hundreds of times. Quiet tea and coffee mornings with loved ones. The little minutes here and there that help sustain you for the rest of the year.

What is next for Bia Blooms, and what upcoming projects are you most looking forward to?

It has been a good year for the studio focusing on florals for events, and I am excited to keep growing the business and take on more projects! I love designing for events, especially tablescapes, installations, and flower bouquet bars! But also coming up, I’m hoping to drop a few floral collections (maybe even another dried floral offering?!!) soon. For those interested, find me via @biablooms on social and visit https://www.biablooms.com/bloomsletter to sign up and receive for shop updates!