For Natalie and Dylana Lim Suarez, being so close to one another comes naturally. The two sisters are fashion content creators—frequently working with one another both in front of and behind the lens—and are now neighbors in the same building in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Dylana is a blogger, stylist, and photographer who moved into her apartment most recently, around this time last year. For model, singer, and blogger Natalie, she's had her condo for over six years, just a few blocks from the very first New York City apartment she rented. Being so close to one another has allowed the sisters for more spur-of-the-moment gatherings, creative brainstorms, and even full-on projects to be shot in their spaces. This holiday season, we partnered with the two on decorating their homes, and they've invited us over for a tour and chat. We speak to both Natalie and Dylana about how being neighbors has impacted their relationship, how they've approached decorating this year, and a few of their favorite Lulu and Georgia styles. Read below for more.


Navigating the worlds of fashion, blogging, and content creation can sometimes feel like an isolating experience. How important and inspiring is it to have a sister who understands and works in those same industries?

Dylana: It is soooo important. To be honest, I'm not sure we would both be in this industry today if we didn't have each other as a support system back in the day. We started our blogs around the same time, around 10 years ago, and it would have been impossible to grow as creatives without each other, from taking photos to thinking up concepts and just being each other's buddies for events. Being a content creator has many moving parts, and having someone you can work with, talk ideas through, vent to, and rely on every single day is such a blessing. It's not always easy working with a sibling every day, but we make it work! We definitely have our work process and flow down, and it has taken years for us to get into this flow, but we still keep room to grow, and that's how we keep each day feeling exciting and like an adventure of sorts. 

Natalie: We are lucky that we're sisters and work so well together as a team. We're so different yet have a lot of similarities. So when we're working together, we'll have different points of view that complement one another and help us do better in our work. To have someone to really rely on, as a family, definitely makes our work a lot more fun. Everywhere we go and do together feels like home. It feels effortless, and I'm so grateful for that. And yes, managing our workflows and our own individuality along with duality is finally something we've mastered. 

You both moved from Southern California to NYC years ago and now live in Brooklyn—in fact, in the very same building! What led you to live in the same apartment building?

Dylana: It just happened by chance that I fell in love with a particular apartment in my sister's building! I was already living down the street but in a much smaller place—which felt even smaller during the pandemic. I was craving a more open, bright, creative space that I could call home, and that's when I started looking. I knew I wanted to stay in Dumbo. I love being in the same building now since it's so convenient for work. Now I don't need to be running back and forth down the street anymore, and I am soooo inspired by my home space. It's a never-ending love affair. 

Natalie: We love the typical NYC loft, and Dumbo is a beautiful place to find those spaces since most of the buildings here are converted factories. I found my spot about 6 years ago, fell in love, and closed the deal the same night. It was meant to be! I've lived all over Manhattan, but Dumbo was where I lived for the first time when I moved to NYC 10 years ago. At that time, I was renting a pantry room with no windows. It barely fit a bed! And now, I live a few blocks away as a homeowner, and I am so grateful for this journey and the memories. NYC is definitely a city that is so welcoming and where you can make your dreams come true. I still pinch myself. Dumbo is so charming, and you just feel so good here. I'm so happy Dylana is now in my building. She's so happy with her space, and it makes work/life balance so easy for us. Dylana's move inspired me to do renovations and update the decor. She came in and said, "change this, change that!" That finally made me realize that it's time to get those dream pieces I've always wanted and really elevate my space. It already has such beautiful bones and architecture, so it's been easy to work with! 

Similarly, do you feel as though living so close allows you to create (when you want to, of course) these communal spaces?

Dylana: Yes, definitely. We always have spur-of-the-moment get-togethers at each other's places, and we love hosting friends and making our homes feel really welcoming. It's something that comes naturally. And being so close to each other just makes all this more manageable. And since we work from home and do a lot of shooting at home, really focusing on making home feel communal and as a place where we can get the creative juicing turning is really important. 

Natalie: We'll have friends or family over and eat at my place, then have drinks at Dy's and vice versa. We shoot in our home, work here, host dinner parties, and even have photographed large ad campaigns in our homes with a full-on production team! The madness is very fun, and I used to find confetti under the rug, but my favorite time here is when I get to unwind and really enjoy it to myself. Since the pandemic, I've had the time to make it my sanctuary. 

How does your family usually celebrate the holidays, and is there one tradition you're looking forward to? 

Dylana: We usually just try to be as close together as possible. I've always gone home to California for the holidays, and this is the first year I won't be spending actual Christmas with my parents since I just saw them here in NYC. But usually, we are in California, road-tripping by the beach or escaping to the desert. So hopefully, next year, I can get back to that! 

Natalie: I'm so excited to go to Los Angeles this Christmas, yet can't believe it's my first Christmas apart from Dylana, but I guess that happens as adults with significant others and all of our schedules clashing! We've all been so busy this year! I used to stay for a month or so, but this year, I'm only going for a week so that I get to be with Dylana for New Years. I have to pack everything we normally do this holiday for the short LA trip. My favorite tradition is hiking Will Rogers Park and having my mom's curry. 

We love how you both have layered in different Lulu and Georgia styles into your home. Do you each have any favorite pieces?

Dylana: Yes, I definitely do! I adore my pink wine glasses and blue-tinted cups. They are so beautiful. I always have a soft spot for glassware, and it's such an effortless way to invite color into your home. I am also so into the red table cloth! I love how a tablecloth instantly transforms a tabletop setting into something fresh. I like to get them in different colors to play around with different moods for each season. It's such a fun process to think through these decor ideas. 

Natalie: I love my Taos rugs in my bedroom and living room spaces. My father visited and said it looked so good, like it was nailed into the floor. He's right; it just looks incredible, like it was made for the space.


A holiday table with garland in the middle has a red checked table cloth with peach placemats and black-rimmed white plates. Fruit sits in a wavy ceramic bowl.

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Questions for Dylana 

We love how festive your tablescape is with those hints of traditional red and green! Tell us your inspiration behind your holiday tablescape this year.

I wanted my tablescape to nod to that cozy and warm vibe that I feel whenever I go to upstate New York. A little bit close to nature, earthy and rustic, traditionally festive, of course, but with the fun pops of color that define my personal style and also my love for city life. It's a mix of these two elements for sure. 

Would you usually describe your decor style as pretty timeless? If not, how would you define your at-home look?

I definitely would say my decor is timeless and inspired by the past. I love mid-century furniture and decor because the lines and shapes speak to me. Mid-century also totally stands the test of time from my point of view. I can never stop pulling inspiration from that time, plus a bit from the 70s with hints of browns that tie everything together. 

When it comes to adding greenery and florals to your table, do you have any suggestions or trends you love this season? 

I feel like just a little goes a long way. This was the first time I added greenery to a tabletop setting. Usually, I go for florals, but I love how the festive greenery made everything feel instantly cozy and in season. It was a nice change for me, and I didn't want to add flowers to this table setting, and I went for pomegranates instead because I love them! If I'm not going for greenery, I instantly go for flowers in deep hues like red, orange, and purple. They are so strong and bold. I love to constantly change it up, but I like to keep the focus on one strong centerpiece greenery piece or bouquet. Whatever I am in the mood for!

Green garland lays in the middle of a holiday table on top of a red and white checked table cloth. Two tapered candles are held in SIN Ceramics holder, which is flanked by a white ceramic pitcher and a white wavy ceramic bowl holding fruit. Leather armless chairs line a holiday table with a red and white checked tablecloth with simple place settings. The dining area sits in front of a living room.

Similarly, do you have any advice for those looking to update their holiday tablescape—and possibly recreate your space's look? 

I would say think about the colors you are naturally drawn to and work with those! I love the red and greens on my table, mixed with the pops of pink and white and even the blue from the glasses. It has a retro flair, but it also feels timeless, which I love. I love mixing styles from different decades and just go with what my gut tells me. For me, it's all about the colors, starting with ones that are more traditional and then adding to that the colors and tones that really vibrate with your personality. Colored glassware is an amazing way to get color into your tabletop and make it feel elevated and fun! 

What are three entertaining must-haves in your home during the holiday season?

I definitely love to have a film camera lying around, or a Polaroid camera, so my friends can play around and capture the moments of the night! It is always so fun to look back on these memories.

Another entertaining must-have is a great speaker or a record player and just turning up the volume and getting everyone to dance! Once one person starts, it's addictive and everyone just has to join. It's also super fun to get the guests involved in making the food or drinks. I love having lots of different styles of glassware so everyone can choose their favorite and make their own unique cocktails to serve it in. Such a fun social thing!


A simple holiday tablescape features green garland in the middle of a dark wood dining table with x-legs. Six black leather rounded chairs flank the table which has white place settings on it. Two large framed photographs hang behind the table with scenes of a rugged beach coastline and blue umbrellas.

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Questions for Natalie 

How do you approach creating the at-home look of your apartment? And when curating your space for the holidays, what elements do you carry over into your holiday decor?

I love anything that looks clean, bright, and elegant. I have so much going on during the day that I just like to come home to a space that feels zen and happy. I love soft neutrals with a few pops of colors and really luxurious statement pieces. For my holiday decor, I went the minimal route. I love my Lulu and Georgia vases and centerpieces. The tableware is simple and chic, amazing for everyday use. The eucalyptus and flowers were fragrant and really nice holiday accents. Nothing is too over the top, which I love. My Ezri Leather Chair is now my favorite corner in the house. It's big and super comfy. With the large throw, it's the best place to have a cup of tea during our cold winters. 

Your home still feels so festive but more understated. How did you strike that minimal yet merry balance?

I went for pieces I knew I'd keep forever when shopping for my holiday decor. That's my mindset whenever I'm decorating or picking up new pieces. To keep it minimal but merry, I just added a little green with a garland, fresh flowers, and some beautiful mood lighting. Maybe invest in a timeless chandelier or table lamp. Centerpieces always add an artistic element to your holiday decor that feels timeless but fun. 


A dark wood table with green garland in the middle holds six white place settings with plates and bowls flanked by simple flatware. An Estelle peach colored glass cake stand holds a pecan pie. A pecan pie rests on a peach colored Estelle cake stand on a wooden table with green garland. White place settings and simple flatware is set on the table.

What feelings do you want to evoke in your guests when they walk into your home?

I want them to feel refreshed and relaxed—like a big exhale. That's how I feel when I come home!

Do you have any styling tips for those folks looking to update their holiday tablescape by recreating your space's look?

Keep it elegant, with a less is more approach. The cake stand is a really special and cool piece because everyone loves dessert, and it's beautiful. I kept my color palette mostly gray and beige, with little red ranunculus and the seeded eucalyptus garland. The wine glasses in blush are elevated but still understated, which I love. 

What is your favorite tip for hosting during the festive season?

Always have space for seating, and bring out the blankets so your guests can get cozy after dinner to either watch a movie or play a board game! 


Photography provided by Dylana and Natalie Suarez