New York based artist Eny Lee Parker has a natural talent for product design. “I like furniture that has a large, subtle presence. I focus on pieces that are simple with thoughtful details.” As soon as we started working with Eny, we learned that she understands the seemingly small details that make a product perfect. From the carved details in her Cami Bar Cart to the concaved shape of the Lu Coffee table, Eny considers not just how something will look but how it will be lived with. Eny’s inspiration for her collection came from a few different places. Aesthetically, she drew upon her cross-cultural upbringing, “The inspiration is a collection of period pieces, artists I enjoy, and moments I want to create for people while merging the West to the East influences. I love the idea of introducing Asian hints in my own lens as a Korean, born and raised in Brazil and living in New York.” Conceptually, she wanted to create a collection that served up essentials for hosting, gathering, and celebrating life. Ahead of our launch next week, we’re taking a closer look at how the collection came to be.

About the Artist

Eny Lee Parker is a spatial designer based in New York. Working primarily in clay, she brings an artful touch to objects, furniture, and lighting designs for elevated interiors that blend warmth and intrigue with quiet sophistication. In this exclusive collection for Lulu and Georgia, Eny brings her thoughtfully grounded approach to every aspect of your home—creating spaces for conversation, gathering, and laid-back living.

Eny's Moodboard

One of our favorite parts of the creative process is the initial stage of ideation. To start designing, Eny created a moodboard to establish the tone and vision for our collection, setting the foundation for what we want to capture. The attention to detail in her sketches made it easy for us to understand her vision and translate it into our designs. We were immediately drawn to the mix of textures, colors, and patterns, and felt that it captured the essence of what we were looking for.