The holiday season is upon us. In the hustle and bustle, let home serve as a reminder for what this time of year is really about. Make your home a place of celebration—cozy up on the couch, bake a favorite family recipe, create a fort, play out in the snow. We’ve put together our tips for getting holiday-ready at home. Here’s to making the most of the season—everything else can wait until next year.

Prepare for Guests

We often feel like our homes have to be perfect for guests but mostly we subscribe to the practice of our space being (reasonably) clean and cozy with a welcoming atmosphere. Think of your ideal restaurant or hotel lobby and try to emulate that feel in your own home. Dim the lights, light a candle, put on a good playlist—it’s called setting the mood for a reason. 

Create a welcoming guest-room with cozy linens and extra blankets. Add in things that make the space feel like home such as a candle, a carafe of water, or extra phone chargers. House guests aren’t expecting a 5-star hotel suite experience but simple acts of showing that you thought through their stay will go a long way.  Even something as simple as getting a special type of coffee for the mornings or greeting them with a festive cocktail upon arrival will make all the difference.

Set Your Table

The dining table is the heart of holiday gatherings and we like to give it extra-special attention this time of year. We use festive table linens, elevated dinnerware, and generous amounts of candles to bring everything to life. What’s most fun about the holidays is leaning into indulgence. Use serveware and fun glassware to create moments of drama such as an overflowing cheeseboard or a martini bar. These little moments of joy make entertaining so much more fun.

When it comes to “how-to” set the table, we typically like it to be full but not too fussy. A fully set table can be a great way to wow guests upon arrival but a more casual stack of plates in the kitchen is also just fine. What we think is most important is thinking through the simple details so that guests don’t have to ask. Things like setting out a pitcher of water, leaving a dish for olive pits, and having plenty of ice available for cocktails are all easy parts of hosting that make guests feel welcome.

Think Seasonally

Another nice way to think about decorations is to consider decorating for winter overall as opposed to the holidays. Swap in your sofa pillows for rich velvets or boucle, add different textures with throws, and bring in more mood lighting. These small changes will make your home feel more seasonally updated and you won’t need to take them down come the new year. 

Go Green

When it comes to fresh greenery, we’re in the camp of “more is more.” We put it everywhere—the front door, on the mantle, down the table, hung in an archway. It’s such a beautiful, organic addition that feels festive without feeling gaudy.