They say you have to dress for the job you want. In this case, jewelry designer and founder Jennifer Meyer has dressed her office to inspire the type of work she wants to create. Feminine and classic, her new Los Angeles space feels like a perfect reflection of her brand. “I’m an LA girl, born and raised. This city inspires me in every way- I love the landscape, laid-back vibe and California living aesthetic,” Jennifer tells us. A tonal palette with soft forms and a mix of textures brings a cozy, homey feel to the space where the JM team creates their newest collections. “I want my team to feel comfortable and inspired. I want visitors to feel like they are experiencing the JM world a bit.” It’s a world we would gladly reside in…forever. Read on for more.

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You are a point of reference in the fashion and design world. You started at brands like Ralph Lauren and now run your namesake luxury label. Tell us what your creative journey has looked like.

First of all, that is so kind. Thank you.
Growing up, I was surrounded by many creative and entrepreneurial people that provided a lot of inspiration. I always knew that I ultimately wanted to have a career where I could create. My previous work experience with true visionaries further inspired this dream and also taught me a lot about communication, leadership and work ethic. When I started my jewelry line, I was sort of a one-woman-show. I am now fortunate enough to have a team of talented people to help me run the business operations, allowing me to really focus on the creative elements that I love so much.

Tell us about your upbringing in Los Angeles. How did it inform the way you see the world and your work?

I’m an LA girl, born and raised. This city inspires me in every way- I love the landscape, laid-back vibe and California living aesthetic. I try to design versatile jewelry that you can wear on a beach, with a t-shirt and jeans and also on a red carpet. The recent additions of the signature JM Eau de Parfum and candle were created in an attempt to bottle up that California summer feeling and the essence of my favorite childhood memories of growing up at the beach in Malibu. 

You started designing jewelry as a creative outlet, right? Was there a specific moment that clarified to you that it was something you wanted to pursue professionally?

As a child, I used to make enamel art with my grandmother, Edith, and that process of crafting something beautiful always stuck with me. It was a dream of mine to start my own jewelry line, and with some encouragement from loved ones, I finally decided to take a risk and make it happen in 2005. I’m grateful every day that I did!


What qualities do you like to always be present in your designs?

We design pieces to be layered and worn every day – they are an extension of the people wearing them. I often include motifs or stones that symbolize love, luck, protection, and good energy. My hope is that JM jewelry will always symbolize important milestones, celebrating love and life.

What brings you joy in your new office space, what do you love most about it?

It’s so beautiful, I truly love everything about it- from the natural light to the color palette to the collaborative work spaces and beyond. I’m obsessed with my own office, as it has so many personal touches, like pictures of my kids and my grandmother, Edith. There’s also a wall with images of people who inspire me and a few career highlights – I’m reminded of why I started this company and how far I’ve come every time I walk by it.

How do you approach the decor of your home? Do you feel as though your work and your personal aesthetic overlap?

My aesthetic is pretty consistent throughout all of my spaces. Just like my home, I wanted the office to feel super warm and inviting, incorporating a lot of natural light and personal touches. The soft neutral tones are mixed in with pops of color that pair nicely with the wood detailing throughout.


It was such a pleasure partnering with you on your office transformation! What was the inspiration for your space’s new look?

Inspired by the jewelry we create, we wanted an office that was beautiful and elevated, but also “lived-in” and comfortable. I wanted the space to be multi-functional for my team and ever-growing business. I wanted it to be a place where work, ideas and creativity can happen from any area of the office- so it has several seating areas and a big table where the team can have collaborative meetings and meals. 

The Pierce & Ward team created such an incredibly beautiful and cohesive workspace.

What feelings do you hope to evoke in people walking into your workspace?

I want my team to feel comfortable and inspired. I want visitors to feel like they are experiencing the JM world a bit.  There’s an ease and flow walking through each room; it’s light and bright, but also super cozy.

Personal trinkets and touches make a room—tell us about your favorite pieces in your home.

I have crystals all over my house, like rose quartz which promotes love, peace and calming energy. I have many pieces of my grandmother’s enamel art, which is always a source of inspiration. I also have framed photos of my children and loved ones in every room.

What’s next for Jennifer Meyer?

I’m loving the expansion into the lifestyle and beauty space with the recent launches of a fragrance and candle. We’re always working on the next jewelry collection as we’re gearing up for Valentine's Day and Mother’s Day. Stay tuned, there are many exciting things to come!


Photography by Olivia Pierce