Buying a swimwear that actually fits and that makes you feel your best is a daunting task. Amidst a sea of swimwear brands, Monday Swimwear has made a mark with its distinct aesthetic, empowering ethos, and an unwavering dedication to crafting timeless designs. Our staff has been obsessed with Monday’s suits since the brand’s inception, so we were thrilled to be able to collaborate on their recent pop-up in LA. With the summer season fast approaching, founders Tash and Devin are brimming with excitement, eager to embark on what’s next for each of them. This summer in particular has been a pivotal chapter for the brand, as they unveiled their inaugural pop-up in Los Angeles. Read on for what’s on the horizon, it’s clear that Monday Swimwear’s journey is far from over.

From running your swimwear label to your more recent work in wellness and fitness, you both have a multi-hyphenate resume. Could you both speak a bit about your creative journey? 

Following our passion and pursuing a career with purpose has always been at the forefront of our creative journey. Devin and I both have always aligned on our creative vision for our brand. Across all my brands, you’ll notice a similar aesthetic which includes a massive play on lighting, embracing and loving the female form, clean lines, and natural tones. Devin and I still lead the creative direction, design, and digital strategy. We’re also so lucky to work with an amazing creative team that understands and executes our vision. - Tash

Tell us about your mission as a brand. 

Monday’s mission has always been centered around inspiring women to be confident. We are proud and honored to be surrounded by so many women in our lives including our beautiful all-female team, our friends and the gorgeous women in our industry we’re lucky to call our peers. Throughout the years, we’ve tried to use our platforms to empower women to feel sexy, inspired and beautiful. 

What have been some of the major challenges you’ve faced in starting and growing Monday Swimwear? 

At every stage of our growth, we’ve encountered countless growing pains and challenges however we try not to look at these hard time as set backs rather opportunities to learn and grow. We think that there will always be obstacles but the way you perceive the challenges and how you chose to move forward will set you apart.

What is one thing you want all of your customers to know about your designs? 

We design our collections to be timeless, chic, and supportive. We like to design classic silhouettes that can be worn season after season instead of playing too heavily into trends. We love designing match back beachwear sets for our swim and design with the full look in mind rather than just a swim suit. 

Just like interiors, care is critical. How is the best way for people to care for their bathing suits to ensure longevity? 

The Monday care process is an important part of preserving your swim and keeping it feeling new season after season. The most important steps to caring for your swim are always hand washing instead of machine washing or drying your bikinis. This is the biggest mistake most people make when caring for their swim. When hand washing your swim make sure to use a light cleaner and fresh cold water. We suggest soaking your swim for at least 20 minutes before working the soapy water into the suit. 

Summer is upon us. What are you each most excited for this season? 

This Summer was very exciting for the brand. We launched our first brick and mortar pop up at LA’s famous, The Grove. This was a major mile stone for the brand and we were excited to bring the IRL shopping experience to one of our most loyal customer bases, our Angelenos. We also had our biggest and most exciting collection to date drop throughout the Summer months. Our Summer Collection included 17 colorways, really exciting and flattering new shapes, more match back beachwear to pair with your swim, and more really gorgeous and chic Summer beach dresses and staples every girl needs in her closet. We also celebrated the Summer in true Monday fashion by spending some time in gorgeous Europe via a brand trip. We  invited a group of amazing influencers to join us in St Tropez for a relaxing and super sexy St Tropez getaway.

  1. We had so much fun partnering with you on your pop-up launch event- what was the overall vibe you were hoping to capture?

The Pop Up Launch event was all about a celebration and bringing the Monday beach club vibe to our nearest and dearest. We worked so hard to bring the Monday look and feel to our audience via the interior design, and shopping experience at our pop up and we wanted to bring a similar vibe and aesthetic to the launch event. It was so fun partnering with Lulu and Georgia because your line includes so many pieces that are totally on brand for us. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner!

Let’s talk summer travel. What are each of your essentials that you always have in your suitcase? 

Since we’re usually off to beach destinations, a little black bikini and a versatile cover up are both must-have’s in our suit case. Other really important essentials include a great body oil, a wide brim sun hat, a sheer and supportive face sunscreen, and a easy to pack beach bag. 

What’s next for you both and Monday Swimwear? 

This Summer I am marrying my amazing partner and having my dream wedding in Capri. I’m excited to share these details with you all in the coming months and spend the Summer on an amazing European Honeymoon. -Tash 

I can’t wait for all the exciting things to come this year at Monday. We have even more in store (I know, hard to believe that we’ll be topping off this Summer) including different category launches and an exciting activation in Europe! I can’t give too much away but let’s just it doesn’t end at Summer! - Devin

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