In Los Angeles, there is no shortage of Instagramable places to eat and drink. The city is flush with bright-tiled restaurant bathrooms, bars with velvet booths, and coffee shops that look more like greenhouses than a place to get your morning cup. And yet, in spite of it all, the newly opened Neighborhood coffee shop feels like a breath of fresh air. Designed by one of our favorite L.A. design firms, DISC Interiors, and co-owned by fashion and lifestyle maven, Geri Hirsch, the shop satisfys design and coffee lovers alike. Back in 2019, we took a trip to Neighborhood to see the stunning space, learn how to make pour-over coffee, and eat some delicious pastries and ice cream. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. We also had a quick chat with the David and Kristen of DISC Interiors to learn about their design process and what their inspiration was for the space.

We're learning how to make pour-over coffee with our friends at Neighborhood, watch below to learn how! 

What is the biggest challenge in designing commercial spaces as opposed to residential?

Commercial spaces have a lot of restrictions in terms of materials and codes, so the challenge is to be creative in designing commercial spaces that feel personal and intimate. We are drawn towards commercial spaces that feel more residential and have depth, and warmth, so our goal is to bring that into our design for commercial spaces.

When you first starting the design process, what was the vision for the space? Did that change at all as you got deeper into the design?

Our initial vision for spaces are often times more about how a space feels and functions, and less how they look. The aesthetics often are developed throughout the project, and developed slowly through collecting materials and editing. Our palettes for this project were a mix of materials, wire brushed woods, concrete, stone, and worn in metals, inspired by some coffee shops we visited in Vienna and Tokyo. Our goal was for the space to feel effortless, but still have a strong moment that made it memorable.

How do you want customers to feel when they come to Neighborhood?

Relaxed and Joyful.

What’s next for DISC Interiors?

Continuing to focus on creating beautiful homes for our clients, currently discussing some exciting commercial projects, as well as expanding our DISC furniture collection that is available on our website.

Lastly, how do you take your coffee?

David with whole milk no sugar, Krista with coconut oil and almond milk.