How to Make the Bed with Pom Pom at Home

When we walked into the Los Angeles home of Hilde Leiaghat, she annouced she had scones in the oven and then asked if we would like a coffee. We obliged. Most of our shoots do not go this way, as you can imagine. Hilde's home feels like walking straight into the set of a Nancy Meyers movie. A vintage hutch is filled with collected glassware, fresh florals are scattered around, paintings blend seamlessly with family photos, and of course, linens and textiles from Hilde's Pom Pom at Home collection fill every room. A native Belgian, Hilde and her husband have lived in Los Angeles for over 20 years. The couple originally founded brick and mortar stores in LA by the same name, Pom Pom at Home. Hilde's collection of vintage European linens were so popular at the stores, they eventually decided to make textiles their full-time gig. The Pom Pom at Home products are the most stunning textures, beautifully soft and washed. The day we spent at Hilde's our team kept gushing over each piece - everything feels elegant yet casual enough for everday. Hilde showed us her tricks for making a luxe, cozy bed and also let us see the rest of her stunning home.

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That's what we're all about - having different layers of texture.

Explore Hilde's Home

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Who is your style icon?

Dries van Noten

When you're making your bed- do you include a flat sheet or sleep under your Duvet?

As a European, we never use top sheets- so no flat sheet!

Do you prefer a TV in, or out of the bedroom?

Outside! You scared space should truly be pure and screen free!

What is your favorite way to spend a spare 30 minutes?

Just being here at home, outside in my yard cuddled up with my dog under the sun!

What is your favorite neighborhood restaurant?

Cliff's Edge

Thanks, Hilde!