It all started with the house. When we first saw the Casa De Ola home we knew we needed to create something special there. The home is an Architectural beauty sitting on the beach-front of one of the most amazing places in the world—Malibu, California. We wanted to create the perfect summer dinner party and we used the setting as our inspiration. Fresh seafood, airy linens, light-bodied wines, and organic touches were the anchors for setting the perfect coastal table. When we’re putting together a space that people will experience, we consider the five senses. What will they taste? What will they hear? What will they smell? What will they see? And most importantly what will they feel? Read on for more on creating the ideal dinner party.

Taste: Set the Menu

Creating the perfect menu involves a balance of flavors, seasonal ingredients, and dishes that complement the warm weather. Take advantage of the abundance of fresh, locally sourced produce available. Kick off your party with something light and fun. We went for a tinned fish board, fresh sourdough, and a bowl of ripe stone fruits. Given that it’s a coastal summer, you can never go wrong with seafood. Grilled fish, oysters or lobster all have the wow factor. For dessert, we love fresh berries served with soft whipped cream and a dusting of lemon zest. In the summer, things should be simple and unfussy.

Smell: Keep it Organic

When it comes to what your guests will smell, you don’t want to distract too much from the food. We like to place a softly scented candle in the guest bathroom and living room so that around the dining table the focus can be on the meal. Along the coast, we keep the windows open so that we can soak up the salty smell of the sea as well.

Feel: Setting the Table

The table setting doesn’t have to be anything fancy but it should feel special. Plates, glassware, and linens offer a textural component to the meal that helps elevate the experience. We love to use white or light colored plates so that the food really pops. We also brought in a touch of pattern with the linens to add a bit of contrast. Fresh flowers are always a nice final touch. We like to keep them low and simple so that guests don’t have to look over them to chat and so that there’s plenty of space for serving dishes.


Sight: Create a Warm Welcome

Think about what your guests will see the moment they step in the door. Lucky for us, Casa de Ola frames up at a beautiful ocean view so we set the table up with that as the focus.





Sound: Curate the Vibe

Of course, along the beach, the sound of the waves in the background is always the best. But, a great playlist is non-negotiable. Put together something that will liven up the energy without being distracting. Check out our Spotify for some of our curated playlists that will keep the vibes right.