Sometimes it takes reminding—your home and its living space are not showrooms. You should thoroughly enjoy living there, letting it be a refuge, playroom, a spot to entertain, or whatever else you need from it. The unspoken truth of home decor and interior styling is that thoughtfully curating your home with beautifully designed furnishings only works if you can fully live in your space. Having a large family, owning pets, (hopefully rare) bouts of clumsiness, or just everyday wear are exceedingly ordinary, and your furniture pieces should hold up to what your life throws at them. Performance fabrics then, and performance fabric furniture, in particular, play an important role in your home.

We think that performance fabric sofas, beds, and chairs are ideal choices to complement your active home life. They allow you to live a little without restricting yourself or your family in your own space. Having a stain-resistant couch lets you eat and drink in your living room and not stress about an unwanted spill. Performance furniture in your dining room—like our Tobie Dining Chair Set—lets you elevate your dining room and not get too preoccupied with a little mess. Wrapped in textural and stain-resistant performance fabric upholstery, an upholstered platform bed easily handles breakfasts and teas in bed.

So, we want to take the opportunity to explain what performance fabric is and explore why parents, pet owners, and those prone to spills should consider adding performance fabric furniture to their homes. From questions over cleaning to its long-lasting qualities to whether or not it can help inspire you to take a risk with a white stain-resistant sofa, we have got you covered. Read on for more and shop our performance furniture collection that beautifully blends form and function. 

The Myla off-white slipcovered performance fabric sofa is an easy way to have a white couch with kids and pets. In front of the sofa is a black pinstriped ottoman and on either side are moss green rounded arm chairs.


What Is Performance Fabric?

Performance fabric upholstery is an easy-to-clean and long-lasting material crafted from a blend of synthetic and natural fibers. The term originated in the furniture industry to speak to fabrics that withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. There are different variations of performance fabrics, but they all share a few qualities. As well as being easy-care and durable, these fabrics are fade-resistant from exposure to the sun and withstand water spills, mold, and mildew. Lastly, they also dry more quickly, helping to prevent stains from permanently discoloring the fabric. We think of the Decima Corner Sectional as the ideal stain-proof couch, with its chic armless design, moody dark charcoal tone, and ample seating space. For a larger family, or one with small children, as well as for pet owners, frequent hosts, and folks who may spill from time to time, performance fabric furniture brings low-maintenance care without sacrificing comfort, elevated style, or rich color.

The Arlen slipcovered performance fabric tan linen sofa is a durable couch for pets and kids. In front of the sofa is a marble, iron and wood oval coffee table and across from it is a leather and light wood folding chair.


It Is: Easy To Care For

We love telling parents that performance fabric furniture is meant to simplify things for their home life. Kids, pets, guests, our active schedules, and life's little messes can sometimes feel all-consuming, so having pieces that are stain-resistant and easy to clean is a huge help. A performance fabric sofa or accent chair, like our Ellia Glider Chair, is a life-saver for parents with young children or babies. Why are these styles especially suitable for your little ones? Imagine cleaning up feeding spit-ups and spills with a simple soap and water solution. Whether it is the polyester blend on the Arlen Slipcover Sofa or the boucle upholstery on the Sarah Chaise, all these fabrics are meant to be spot cleaned. Plus, with performance furniture styles also being quick-drying, you can avoid worrying about mold and mildew. So, whatever your potential mess makers are at home, they are no match for performance fabrics' innovative, durable, and easy-clean qualities.

The Walden ivory linen performance fabric sofa sits atop the durable black and white woven Taza area rug. In front of the sofa is a rounded light wood coffee table.


It Is: Very Durable

The purpose of performance fabric furniture is longevity and simplicity, with its high-quality materiality explicitly made to survive a wealth of spills, damage, and daily wear and tear. A durable couch upholstered in performance fabric, like this Myla Slipcover Sofa, is also resistant to abrasions over the long term. That is ideal for pet owners and parents of younger children who love running and playing on the furniture. Durable sofas and accent chairs that are pet-friendly hold up well to dirty paws and shedding fur, as well as your pet's excited runs around the house. With a plush and inviting seat, the Mandy Accent Chair may become your and your pet's favorite spot in the house, and its long-lasting performance fabric will ensure it will stay that way for years. 

Two ivory performance fabric Fabienne sofas sit across from each other in this mission-style living room. A wood and brick fireplace with cabinets sit at the end of the room.

It Is: A Solve to the White Sofa Dilemma

"We launched one of our favorites, the Fabienne Sofa, in a performance cotton fabric this year. It's versatile and easy to clean, so it's perfect for families or pet owners." – Elysse, Furniture Buyer

We all recognize that getting a white sofa is a huge risk when you have children or pets. It feels like it is only a matter of time before a big spill or stain or even dinginess ruins your piece. Again, a performance fabric sofa can be an artful solution. Like the Fabienne Sofa, a stain-proof couch in a white or light-colored hue is better equipped to maintain its bright, clean appearance without becoming yellowed over time. Choosing a stain-resistant couch in a light color brightens up your space, layering in tonal and minimalist appeal to your living room.


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